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World came to existence a long time back. Since the time human came in to being world has been evolving faster than ever. Thanks to the creative mind God has blessed man with; he is seeking more ways of eliminating troubles. And with this power came the need to stay ahead of everyone. Earlier, the only way to do that was by physical elimination ending the competition then and there. Barbaric as it was but permanent in nature of act. Now people are smarter. They rely on latest news to remain ahead in this era of cutthroat competition. For Individual as well as international level world news has become a hot issue. What are the issues of India news considered important by International point of view will be covered in that itself. A leap from barbarism to intelligence, is that it?

Staying ahead of crowd has been a charm in a way. By knowing something or having something that others donít, calls for attention. Then if the same person is always the one who comes out of crowd for the same reason every time when called establishes a certain reputation. Latest news can do that to people. Technology has been a great help in such cause. People always remain in touch of the subjects that concerns them in any way. Internet and Mobile Phones has become their pocket libraries for any requirement of information leave updates on news. Sheer Intelligence on part of Humans!

Gone are the days, when one has to remain hooked for one hour to get news. News used to be a routine affair but for some fix time. Once missed it could only be retrieved by news of next hour or by newspaper next day. World News was more difficult to reach than India news. After all it used to come from faraway countries. Does it sound like a passed era? Well, it was not very long back just one and half decade!

Now things are changed so much that people who have witnessed the transition only know that this happened else it is harder for the coming generation to guess what it was like to live without Mobile, Internet and even TV. Latest news now can be received anywhere about any thing imaginable. More than a flaunt it has become the basic necessity of life for those who are in constant pressure of competition. Getting India news and world news has been set as a priority by many of us. Situations are demanding and so is the response towards them.

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