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The news is the coverage of information around the world what was happening in every second. News has two priorities, like news must be current, and news must help the people something. A story about the environment and a story about the Oscars can both be interesting and news, for different people. It's the job of all the news media to tell people what latest news is going on in their community locally, nationally or globally. In this sense, the news media provide a valuable public service. We have different types of news, like India news, bollywood news, Hindi news financial news, business news and lifestyle news and much other news.

The latest information which was provided by the news reporter is called as latest news. It also provides all the present information what was going around the world. The news which was giving information about the all latest business events around the business sectors is called as business news. In this news they are telecasting all the information which had been going on in the business sectors. This news gives the information about the stock market, the profits or losses in the particular day. The latest information about the living style of the people is called as lifestyle news. It is the news which provides all the information about the changes in the field of technology around the world which helps the mankind.

The information which was updated with in time to time by the news markers is latest news. This news also helps the people to know all the information immediately after it took place. This information is very much useful to the people as general knowledge. The stock market event which had been taking place around the world daily will also show in the business news. We can get information or news, like how the politics have been running in the local, national and globally. The living style and fashion of the different people are present around the globe, we can get information about them form the lifestyle news.

The news is the information, which helps the people to know a lot about the world. The latest news in the local, national or globally, it can known by everyone in hook and nook of the world. The lifestyle news is also used to know the living style of the people which helps us a lot. The business news of the business sector is useful to know about strategies of business and operating conditions of companies.

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