Laser Tooth Whitening For Beginners

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In due course, because of the foods we eat and liquids we drink, the enamel of teeth tends to erode. Tooth enamel erodes heavily due to sugars and starches like the modern American diet, also to include are the drinks which contain lots of citric acid and the carbonated ones.

In fact, the substance that coats our teeth and put off teeth from decaying is our tooth enamel. And another method used to get rid of the built-up stains and plaque is the laser teeth whitening. Primarily, with conventional devices like pricks, teeth are scraped well. In this way, it does less work during the process. Second, lightly applied to the teeth near the gum line is the coating of hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching agent.

This is just a preparation for the actual laser procedure. Then a slightly heavier coat of chemical-based gel is put on the teeth after the first coating of peroxide. Nevertheless, teeth discoloration can be cured without any harm to the teeth enamel or gun-line.Branded teeth whitening systems like Zoom and Britesmile are also used for the purpose of laser teeth whitening. The best thing about laser teeth whitening is that you do not have to wait months to get those clean and white teeth. A few hours of proper treatment would give you great results. The cost of the treatment falls under the affordable category and there is no excruciating pain that you would have to go through in this form of the treatment.If you are thinking about getting brighter teeth, it is obvious you have noticed laser whitening for teeth commercials on television or magazines. Not every dentists who whiten teeth professionally, work with a laser during their own treatment. Those that do will charge much more for the therapy because the gear is not precisely cheap. But throwing the usage of a laser into the combination does increase the whole whitening procedure!

It has been medically proved that there are no side effects of this mode of treatment and this is one of the most superior treatments for whitening discolored teeth. If you are amongst the many people who are suffering from discoloration of teeth, you have a number of options to choose from. You can use teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening solutions available in the markets but all these products would take considerable amount of your time to give good results.

With a patent technology producing a formula with a composition of 120ml/cc of 16% Carbarmide Peroxide gel and a unit made up of a blue laser light that emits UV ray to speed up the reaction of the gel and increase the overall teeth whitening by up to 50%. The Carbarmide Peroxide gel penetrate the teeth to remove discoloration from within. To meet up with the need of people who want instant teeth whitening, this formula is produced to bring a clear result within 30 minutes without fading out for weeks. A two time use is guaranteed to last up to two months. A seven shade whiter teeth should mean a satisfaction for any user.

More importantly, no health risk is imposed to the teeth or the whole body in the course of using the product.

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