Laser Therapy to Reduce Redness Around the Nose

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In 2008, according to the report of Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery reports, in United State, about 400,000 laser skin treatments were done. It shows how popular this therapy is becoming!

Today to correct skin irregularities in texture and color, the best option for people seeking a youthful skin, is laser therapy. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure can also solve the problems of those skins that have been severely damaged due to sun exposure and those that are showing signs of aging. From correcting folds to reducing wrinkles, to reducing redness around nose, laser therapy is finding favor with both clients and dermatologist.
Assess the Exact Skin Condition with the Help of a Dermatologist

There are many kinds of laser therapy that can cure so many different types of skin conditions including those that lead to redness around nose. However, the treatments will produce optimum result only when the underlying cause of the redness is rightly deduced by a dermatologist. Some of the reasons for this problem are broken capillaries, sun damage, acne scarring and acne, alcohol and cigarette intake, eczema, aging or sun damage. Also remember that if the redness is for some temporary problem, then going for laser treatment is not advisable; similarly, if it is for serious reasons, then you may need greater medical attention instead of cosmetic treatment. The best option hence is to see a dermatologist who can rightly tell you how sever is your skin problem and thus recommend the suitable laser therapy for it.

Decide Which Type of Laser Therapy is Right For You

Laser therapy is divided into two main categories- non-ablative and ablative. Within these two broader categories, there are many types of laser therapies, each with their own pros and cons.

CO2 and Erbrium are known as ablative lasers and they work by burning off your surface skin tissues to bring out the “younger” skin tissue below. These treatments are aggressive in nature but will produce great dramatic results. However, its recovery time will also be greater.

On the other hand, in non-ablative laser treatment, beams penetrate your skin tissue to target abnormal cells present in it; but it does not burn the surface skin tissues in the process. But you will need more than one session to have an effective result. PDL or Pulsed Dye Laser therapy, according to John Hopkins Cosmetics Center, is the best choice for treating redness around nose that are caused due to port wine stains, spider veins and rosacea. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light on the other hand, is a gentler form of laser treatment. If you go by strict definition only, then this type of treatment is not a laser treatment per se; as light pulsations are used in place of laser.

When deciding about which type of process to choose for removing redness around nose, there is one thing you should consider. The “harsher” type of laser treatment may produce result faster, within a single sitting, but will require many days to properly recoup later on. The other treatments, will also produce the same result but with multiple treatments but will need very few days to recoup. Another thing that should guide your selection is your ultimate expectations from the procedure and skin condition.

Prepare Properly for the Procedure

You just cannot go in a doctor’s chamber and start the treatment; the dermatologist or plastic surgeon you will see will ask first to properly use sunscreen everyday and stay out of sun as much as possible for at least 2 months before you start your treatment. This is done because a tanned skin will not respond that well to laser therapy; on the other hand it may lead to hypo-pigmentation, even in permanent form. In this kind of condition, white or light spots on the skin appear on the treated areas. Another thing that you should discuss with your doctor beforehand is your other treatment or product that you have been using in the problem areas. You may have to stop using the product or use one that the doctor suggests. It is very important that you maintain these instructions very carefully otherwise you may see complications that arise when laser treatment is done on bleached or tanned skin as they are ill-prepared. Even after treatment, the problems may continue with ultra-sensitive skin that cannot stand slightest of environmental factors like sun. Your skin will have more problems than before if you do your treatment without following proper instructions!

Mind the Treated Skin with Extra Care and Caution

Your redness around nose will be corrected as laser treatment will help in regenerating healthier, new skin cells to replace the irregular cells of the problem area. Your skin will look smoother and even with all discoloration gone. Your new, younger, youthful skin will no doubt increase your attractiveness; but remember, your skin will be more sensitive than before towards ultraviolet rays and free radicals. To protect your skin from these, take Vitamin C topically or orally. Many serums also have Vitamin C as its main ingredient. Also use a powerful sunscreen every day as well.

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