Laser Teeth Whitening A Growing Trend

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Teeth Whitening is one of the fastest growing trends in the cosmetic industry, and if you have never heard of laser teeth whitening then you are not living in the 21st Century.

With the price begin so affordable its no wonder that we are following in the footsteps of our favourite celebrities and trying to achieve that sparkling smile too.

With new laws and regulations your whitening treatment does not have to be carried out by a dentist therefore whitening studios can now offer you the treatment at a much reduced cost.

Our teeth becomes discoloured or stained for a number of reasons, and for some of us it can be embarrassing and can lower our self-esteem, you might find it hard to smile and having laser teeth whitening might be your only answer after years of trying all other whitening methods, including all the known named brands of toothpastes.

If you are looking to achieve a much whiter, brighter smile, choosing laser teeth whitening is a good option; the majority of treatments are carried out within an hour and the results are instantaneous, with an improvement between 5- 8 shades sometimes even more depending on how bad your teeth were to start with and the system being used.

Us humans are like sheep and we tend to follow and apply what we read in the media, and watching reality TV shows like Extreme makeover and X Factor only makes us envious of the stars.

Its now a known fact that X Factor Judge Simon Cowell encourages the finalist to have a smile makeover as he is very particular about teeth, its not surprising especially when you see his blinding smile, although that is down to porcelain veneers.

Before proceeding with any form of teeth whitening a little research into your preferred method will give you a better understanding in knowing what to expect.

Always look for a reputable company, book a consultation before going ahead with any treatment, and don't be afraid to ask question, that's the only way you will know what to expect. Ask about other peoples experience, testimonials are a great way of telling you what kind of service they had, and if they have video testimonials this will be better again.

Any reputable business will have a good insurance cover, this is crucial should anything goes wrong you know that you will be covered.

And above all else experience. Experience plays a big part, as the more experience a person has the more comfortable you will feel. With the changes in the law you do not need to have a dentist to do your treatment so you will want the next best thing a dental nurse or hygienist, as they will have a good understanding of the mouth and teeth and have experience from working along side a dentist.

Treatments carried out by dental professionals such as Hygienists and dental nurses will have the add advantage over a treatment done by a newly trained whitening technician, and that's where the prices will differ.

A dentist can charge anything from 400 upwards whereas a newly trained whitening technician can go as low as 89 or lower, the decision you have to make is who do you choose to go with, maybe somewhere in the middle, look for a dental nurse with experience charging 150 upwards, that's a fair price to pay.

So now you know a lot about laser teeth whitening, why not treat your self to a whiter brighter smile by visiting Teeth Whitening Wiltshire

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