Laser Teeth Whitening

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The whitening of your teeth may be accomplished utilizing many procedures. There are home methods and tooth whitening kits that can be purchased over the counter for do it yourself home whitening and there are procedures that are performed in the dentist's office. The procedures that are performed in the dentist's office are faster and more effective because much higher concentrations of carbamide peroxide are utilized in the dental office than that purchased at pharmacies or markets.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the fastest methods of teeth whitening that is available. This procedure contains several steps but results are accomplished in a short period of time due to the laser activation of the carbamide peroxide gel solution that is applied to your teeth. The gel solution is applied to the teeth and the laser light is positioned to shine on your teeth for a specific period of time and at a prescribed wave length. The first application of gel is removed from the teeth and a new application is applied. The laser light at the prescribed wave length is re-positioned in front of your mouth to continue to activate the carbamide peroxide gel to further the teeth whitening process. After this second application is activated for a specific period of time that gel application is removed and a third gel solution is applied to the teeth and the laser light is re-positioned to activate this third and last application. The entire procedure takes about one hour and the teeth emerge from this teeth whitening process beautifully whitened. This is all accomplished in one office visit.

The disadvantage of having this method of teeth whitening are cost, laser teeth whitening can cost between $500.00 and$1000.00, and tooth sensitivity. The teeth will probably be sensitive for several days because of the high concentration of peroxide in the gel solution.

As with all teeth whitening procedures you must maintain your dental hygiene and follow your instructions for maintenance of your teeth to preserve the whitening.

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