Laser Systems and What They Do

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As biased as it may seem but society would usually prefer women having alabaster skin with nary a hair in sight. Unfortunately, most often than not, women find themselves having to battle with excessive hair growth in certain areas of their body including the upper lip and the chin. In instances like these, women need not fret as they can turn to science for the solution to their problem.

Laser hair removal or what is more properly known as epilation by laser, started some 20 years ago although it was only during the 1970s that it became available to a wider market. The main principle behind this procedure is the localized damaging of a target matter that causes hair growth without significantly affecting the surrounding area.

In today’s market, there are currently five basic laser hair removal systems. These include pulsed light laser treatment, the diode laser, the Nd: Yag laser, the Alexandrite laser, and the Ruby laser. In the intense pulsed light laser, patients have claimed to have at least 50% hair reduction after only two treatments. It is said to be effective in a number of hair colors including blonde. Some of the machines used in this process are the EpiLight, Aculight, and PhotoDerm.

A number of laser hair removal Boca Raton clinicsalso make use of the diode laser, a hair removal system that is touted by many to be the next best thing. This laser makes use of a longer wavelength than Ruby and Alexandrite but shorter than Nd: Yag.Because of this, it is able to destroy the melanin in the hair strand without necessarily affecting the melanin in the surrounding skin making it more suitable for people with darker skin tone.

Although the Nd: Yag laser treatment system being used by a number of dermatology West Palm Beach clinics is said to be successful on at least six skin colors, there is still very little evidence that it could affect long-term hair removal. Some Nd: Yag systems that make use of longer pulse durations can also be quite painful so make sure that you check first what kind of Nd: Yag system the clinic is using.

Lastly, the Ruby and the Alexandrite laser system being used by dermatology Delray Beach clinics both make produce shorter wavelengths. However, one side effect that is seen with patients undergoing this system is pigmentary changes especially on those who do not have white skin.

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