Laser Skin Resurfacing Acne Scars Need that Extra Push

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Most people suffer from acne at some point in its life, and it's no secret that the experience can be quite miserable. Recent research advances led to a whole new slew of skin care products to help cleanse the skin by ... but what about the scars left? There are many Over-the-counter products designed to reduce acne scars, including components such as the appearance of silicone, cortisone, vitamin A and vitamin C. These products have excellent outcomes and a minor hypertrophic and slightly depressed scars, but sometimes more powerful method of treatment should be get the desired result. This is where laser skin resurfacing may be a consideration.

Laser skin resurfacing uses a laser beam of energy to remove the top few layers of skin, taking away damaged skin, the new and healthy skin can replace it. There are several advantages that Laser resurfacing may be more than other types of surface treatment of scars. First, this treatment is quite quickly, and can often be done surgeon or dermatologist's office. It was also reported that there is less scarring, less bleeding and bruising, or experience with chemical peels and dermabrasion. In general, laser resurfacing with only local anesthesia requires a larger treatment areas of the face may require intravenous sedation. Finally, Many doctors say that laser allows much greater accuracy of the layers of skin removed treatment, especially because the doctor can monitor the treatment of acne scars progresses.

That said, laser skin resurfacing may not be the best form of acne scar treatment for all. It it is recommended that complexion of the skin does not have a tendency allergic rashes. Those with darker skin tones, or who tan easily can cause discoloration or spots on the treated areas. Also, while the recovery time much shorter than the other procedures, treatment is not instantaneous. Patient said, crying in a few days after their skin laser resurfacing, it is expected the reaction to form collagen to restore skin's layers. After Lament for a few days, the skin often crust and must be kept moist in order to protect recovery of the skin. Should include a new skin soon after the treated area, and flushing should have faded significantly within a month or so, but it was reported that some patients were wait until 12 or even 18 months before they finally improved the skin to its full potential.

There are several different types of lasers used for skin resurfacing and each with its own results. Ultra-pulsed CO2 lasers may be the most prominent group, removing the top skin layer, but also tightening and smoothing the lower layers of the skin by promoting collagen production. This means that even deep acne scars can be reduced with the laser. CO2 lasers although very effective, is also associated with high levels of discomfort during order and the constant flushing later. Erbium-YAG laser is believed to be more moderate acne scar treatment, rather than the CO2 laser. Their energy wavelength can be absorbed by the water cells, which reduces heat loss, the surrounding skin. Because it is milder, it can be less effective than the CO2 laser acne scars, but patients seem to report much quicker recovery time and less of the red during the first few weeks after treatment. Finally, non-ablative lasers is one of the least invasive skin resurfacing treatment for acne scars. They stimulate collagen under the skin without removing the top layer of skin growth, so that almost no recovery all the time. Ablative lasers down side is that the effect is only for minimum hard acne scars.

These are just a few common methods of laser skin resurfacing, it is worth their time to conduct additional research. Some lasers are designed for certain types of acne scars (or hypertrophic scarring, or depression), so you want to be sure that you carry out training your skin. The dermatologist can easily give you advice about it. In addition, laser skin Laying a non-invasive process, so the amount of time that you spend recovering procedures may also play a role in decisions on treatment option is best for you. Acne itself can be quite a traumatic experience and the scars left behind can be just as devastating. If Over-the-counter acne scar treatment had no effect you are looking for, talk to your dermatologist for more serious information about scar treatments, including laser skin resurfacing.
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