Laser Skin Resurfacing - What is it all about?

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Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most popular anti-aging remedies available today. It improves your appearance significantly by reducing fine lines or wrinkles, scars and other troubled areas of your skin, such as hyper-pigmentation. Most people use this treatment for areas around the eyes and mouth, where skin is likely to be very sensitive for aging.
Basically, laser skin resurfacing is a cosmetic skin treatment that takes out wrinkles, acne scars, birthmarks, sunburns, and also encourages the skin to create more collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin back its vitality.
This treatment is not a major procedure and can be performed easily by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Your surgeon will first apply the required anesthetic on the area to be treated. The laser light beam will then be passed over the skin. Most often it is a hand-held wand or paddle. Once the procedure is over, an antibiotic cream is usually applied on the skin. This whole process can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes.

Depending on the type of your skin and the size of the treated area, the skin may look sunburned. If you do feel any discomfort, even though it may not be anything serious, it is always recommended that you inform your surgeon immediately. Just remember that your skin will become a bit sensitive and may turn slightly pink after the treatment. So take extra caution to protect it by using a good sunscreen. Your doctor may be able to help you to choose the best cream for your skin type.
So how is laser skin resurfacing any different from other cosmetic treatments? Most skin treatments, work by removing the upper layer of skin, facilitating new skin growth. The new skin then covers the wrinkles and age spots. Before laser treatments were made available, the only option used to treat problematic skin was by using chemical peels and dermabrasion. Such treatments were quite invasive and painful. Laser skin resurfacing on the other hand uses laser light to penetrate into the skin.

The primary advantage of using laser skin resurfacing is that it causes little or minimum discomfort compared to many other treatments. Bleeding or bruising very rarely occurs. And especially with laser technology fast improving, laser treatments are now very gentle and safe to use. In fact, laser resurfacing can be done at almost any age on people, but make sure you speak to a qualified surgeon in order avoid any side effects.
Because laser resurfacing is very successful for rejuvenating aged or scarred skin, you will be able to notice visible results just after one treatment. However, depending on your skin type and condition, it may take more than one treatment to actually see the results.
Like all cosmetic treatments laser skin resurfacing also comes with certain risks attached. The skin may turn dark or bruised due to the effects of laser. However, these complications can be avoided to a great extent by consulting a qualified and experienced surgeon.

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