Laser Photo Engraving

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Laser photo engraving is a relatively new technique, at least with the quality and endurance it now offers, however it is becoming very popular as now pictures including photos and other graphics can be engraved on to almost any material to personalize it. Of course before printing could be done on to almost any material but there were a lot of issues with it, sometimes the image would become warped or the printing would simply wear or scratch off on smooth surfaces very easily. Items that were worn or would regularly be washed such as jewelry and tableware were especially badly affected by this.

Engraving of course doesn't simply print on to a surface but engraves into it, inks are then added by a computer controlled printer so they seep into the engraving where they will stay fast, especially after a glaze has been added. You end up with an image that will simply last and on items that will become treasured possessions for the rest of the recipients life that is important.

There are two main areas where laser photo engraving is popular, one is for personalized gifts and the other for corporate gifts. With corporate gifts even small companies can run off a batch of items with their own logo or other graphics on a gift they give clients, suppliers or those who are potentially one or the other.

With personalized gifts you can have a gift made for a friend or family who you want to give something totally unique too. In the past personalization may have been a short personalization, a picture though is worth a thousand words and based on this is great value for money.

The picture could be of you or you and the recipient or maybe of a group depending on who you are giving it to and what the items is. Popular items for photo engraving include jewelry in a variety of designs and metals including silver, gold and steel. The image may well be for a pendant but could be something else such as a charm on a charm bracelet. These look especially good in black and white often especially when worn by adults, romantic pictures of you and your partner may also look good in sepia. For children you may want to give them a gift with a picture of them with you and your family and color may be more suitable of course.

Children too may want to give their parents gifts with their image on and a favorite photo can be used and if necessary turned into a digital file and sent to the engraver to add, women may like a pendant with their child or children on. Men may prefer something more like a keying though or even something like a mug they can use at work. After all you aren't limited to jewelry and many popular personalized gifts including tankards, decanters and more can be photo engraved with larger images than you can have on jewelry.

Laser photo engraving is very popular for gifting of jewelery, great choice of engraved photos can add a special meaning to a gift.

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