Laser hair removal vs IPL

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When it comes to the permanent solution for the unwanted body hairs, the two methods- laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) offer reliable service to the people. Both of them are able to remove unwanted hairs from different body parts like upper lip, under arm, pubic side, chin, leg, wrist, chest, etc. IPL uses a computer based machine called Photoderm. It generates light similar to a laser that can burn hair follicles so that they would not regrow in the near future. The intense pulsed light goes through the layer of skin without rendering any damage to it. There may be slight crimsoning around the hair that will come into normalcy in a few days. The IPL hair removal method has been able to provide the same result as the laser hair removal but it promises less healing time as compared to latter one.

It is very important to discuss laser hair removal Vs IPL as there are some similarities as well as differences between these two methods. One of the biggest difference between these two methods is related to the physical composition of the set up. Since the IPL is a computer based laser light, so that its light waves can interfere with each other that can either increase or decrease the intensity of the wave. Therefore, IPL can treat effectively a wide variety of hair colours. On the other hand, laser light strength always remains same and it is also monochromatic and collimated in nature. There is enough power in the IPL to penetrate to the variety of depths into the skin because of its multitude of wavelengths. The laser light comes with the same wavelength so that you have to set it each time according to the hair colour. This is why, there is a little inconvenience for the people coming with multi-coloured hair and skin.

Due to the differences in the wavelengths of IPL and laser, their effectiveness differs too. The laser hair removal method is specially applied for removing the body hairs only with minimum redness, whereas intense pulsed light is capable to remove not only the unwanted body hairs but it can also effectively treat pigmentation on face, pubic area, underarm, chin as well as sun burn skin. In this way, IPL is widely applied by the cosmetic industry to deal with several skin problems. After all it is not the question to extract the better while assessing productivity in Laser hair removal vs IPL, but it is question what do you need for the treatment of problem.

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