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Laser hair removal technology now make it possible to permanently reduce unwanted
body hair, quickly and easily, with proven long-term results. is now possible to
conveniently obtain the comfort, beauty and confidence of smooth, hair free skin through
our customized treatment program.

Though a variety of hair removal methods are available such as shaving, waxing, sugaring, electrolysis and laser hair removal, most women find it tough to make a decision over the most appropriate hair removal method. each hair removal method comes with its own pros and cons. Some methods are expensive while others are messy or painful; hence, women always find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a hair removal method.

Introduction to Laser Hair Removal
Technologically advanced method i.e Laser hair Removal. First introduced to consumers over ten years ago in 1998, hair removal by laser has quickly become the second most popular non-invasive aesthetic treatment undergone by individuals. All hair removal methods, whether temporary or permanent, have their own set of pros and cons and hair removal by laser.Benifits of laser treatments are-

Efficiency & Effectiveness
Laser Hair Removal treatment is very efficient When you compare it to the temporary methods you are using now … shaving has to be performed on a daily basis and waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams—every few weeks, with laser hair removal, a series of treatments can drastically reduce and in some instances completely remove unwanted hair from any area of the face or body. Depending on your specific treatment area, treatments are spread out every 4 to 10. On average, extraordinary results will be seen after 6 treatments, although some may need more and others many need less.

laser hair removal treatment is also quite effective. Facial and body hair grows in three distinct stages, but can only be treated by laser while in the anagen or growth stage. At any given time, about 10 to 15% of unwanted hair is in this stage, which means that while you’ll need a series of treatments to remove all of your unwanted hair, patients will see reduction results after each individual treatment.

Laser treatment is safe only when certified, experienced technicians perform laser treatments, they are one of the safest hair removal treatments available. When performed correctly, patients will only experience slight redness in the treated area following the procedure; this reaction is normal and can last for about a day. If performed incorrectly, certain side effects can be experienced such as hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, or in extreme cases, burning. These effects are rare and only occur if a laser technician is inexperienced and does not treat you properly.

At CLINIC DERMATECH, our goal is to provide the most technologically advanced techniques and suggestion to utilizing only the highest quality, state of the art
equipment. Our highly trained team have performed thousands of procedures and are
skilled at treating all skin types.

The effects of laser hair removal depends upon the characteristics of the
individual. people come to us with a wide array of skin types, hair types , skin hair
problems, and pigment are all factors which need to determine the outcome for a person.
but the commonality is their desire for hair removal. Based on these individual factors,
clinicdermatech professionals suggest for best choice of laser and best treatment procedure
that will produce the most desirable results.
Hair Growth

Each of your hair follicles is in one of 3 stages of growth at any given time. The "active growth" (anagen) phase, "regressive" (categen) phase, and "resting" (telogen) phase.

Laser hair removal is most effective at disabling "actively growing" hairs during treatment. It is during anagen that the hair shaft contains the greatest abundance of melanin, the target of the laser light. Many hair follicles are in their resting or regressive stages at any given time. The length of growth cycle also vary slightly by body area. Your Laser Hair Removal plan will be customized to obtain optimal results. Depending on hair density, coarseness, growth cycle, and area to be treated, clients are counseled on the use of IPL, Diode or ND Yag laser for hair removal treatment.

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