Laser Hair Removal, Though Temporary, Is Long Lasting

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Hair started to come out on the chin of this 21 year old girl. 20 years or so later, she is left with thick and dark stubble under her chin despite her diligent plucking, shaving, and waxing. Facial hair on the upper lip and chin was the problem of another girl who was only 12 years old. Being reflected on by the sun was something she dreaded to happen, she recalled, which explained why she would keep her back toward the window when she'd go into a restaurant.

She bleached her hair in an effort to boost her self confidence, but it only slightly helped. Sometimes how comfortable I felt just depended on what time of day it was. After years of feeling self conscious and trying just about every hair removal technique available, these two girls have finally found something that works and makes them feel good about themselves. Their answer to unwanted facial hair is the the laser hair removal system.

The procedure known as laser hair removal, which has been available since 1997, involves the shooting of intense light underneath the skin's surface and using it to destroy hair follicles. Thousands of men and women will experience a long term comfort knowing that they do not need to worry about hair in certain places of their body because this is a guarantee of the treatment.

Since I have been plagued with hair growth all my life, I'm sure that I am reliable in claiming that it's the best solution so far. It is a fantastic treatment even if you will not go out completely hairless. Since then, this lady has had about four more with a few touch ups in between. The procedures, she said, have been so successful, she is left with only five black hairs on her chin.

Of the different hair removal systems that have been devised, this is by far the best. A problem that at one point could not be solved can now be solved. Among the various causes of excess body hair is the use of certain medicines and also conditions like hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome.

A good number of men join the numerous women who look at laser hair removal as a solution to excess hair problems they may have. People now see the treatment as an alternative to shaving and waxing which they gladly welcome. The other girl was so pleased with the treatments on her face, she also decided to get her underarms done. While she said that she didn't mind shaving, she did have her concerns about the shadow that would not go away.

To satisfy his curiosity after seeing the assortment of ads regarding the removal system, one patient decided to ask the medical director of a local health and beauty institute all about it. She wanted the answer to her problem to be one that would last forever. The director said he can't treat them because they won't be happy people. There is nothing eternally lasting about hair removal. Using this technology allows us instead to reduce hair and control its future growth.

Before he decides to go on with the laser procedure, the director first instructs people to answer a questionnaire regarding the hair growth and the areas they want treated. In one question, a patient must state his or her expectations. If a patient states that he does not want to see unwanted hair at all to appear after the treatment, the doctor will politely refuse to treat him. There are others who feel that the prospect of decreased growth and density of hair for an extended period of time is enough reason to have the treatment done to them. Her skin was sensitive, she said, and she didn't want to habitually take care of it anymore and turned to the procedure to make things simpler.

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