Laser Hair Removal Procedure - A Summary!

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Laser hair removal treatment is a process whereby a very intense laser is used to destroy unwanted hairs. The laser's light penetrates the epidermis and goes deep into the tissue beneath it. The hair follicles in your skin, will absorb the laser's heat as soon as it touches them. This heat destroys the hair follicle, which will never grow back. It's the easiest to get good results if you have fair skin, but very dark hairs.

On many occasions, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve satisfying results. With enough laser hair removal sessions, you will be rid of at least 90% of your undesired body hairs. On some occasions, the laser will damage a follicle but not kill it off totally. These follicles will continue to grow hairs years after the treatment was performed. In this case, the number of treatments performed was not enough. If you're not satisfied with your results, the only option you have is to go back for more treatments.

On almost all occasions, you will not develop any post treatment complications. Side effects can still occur in some people, right after they had this procedure performed on them. Some frequently reported side effects are skin blistering, darkening or lightening of the skin and other irritations. Most of these side effects are temporary and they will go away all by themselves in due time.

Before getting a laser hair removal treatment performed, it is a good idea to avoid getting a tan. Dark skin more easily absorbs the heat from the laser. The darker your skin is, the more heat it will absorb, leaving less heat for the follicles. It is essential that most heat is absorbed by follicles and not by the skin. It's much harder to get good results when you have a dark skin. A darker skin also translates to more and longer sessions and a higher cost.

The body area that is treated usually gets some cooling gel on it, to prevent problems from arising during treatment. The cooling gel will counter the heat that is created by the laser, thereby reducing the risk of developing side effects. Some people get crusty skin post treatment, which can be remedied by applying some petroleum jelly. This will prevent further complications. Avoid tanning booths post treatment if you want to give your skin the time to heal.

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