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Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution for those who want to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. There are many of us fighting to get more hair and fighting against hair loss, so it might seem odd that some people would want to actually remove hair. There is one simple reason for this however which is that people trying to get more hair want it on their heads, while people who are trying to remove hair are generally removing it from their faces (or in some cases their legs).

This then means that laser hair removal is generally the domain of women who have unwanted hair in embarrassing places. For instance many women struggle with hair on their upper lip and this is an incredibly embarrassing place to get hair. The lips are a highly sensual part of a woman and one of the most attractive features when they are full and charismatic. A set of red lips with red lipstick and white teeth shooting a smile is one of the most attractive and eye catching looks, but if there is a thin layer of dark hair above that smile, then this will immediately result in the look being ruined.

The same goes for the chin, and if you have hair on your chin as a woman that too can be very embarrassing. Either hair on the chin or the upper lip can make a woman look less feminine and quite manly, and it will generally be uneven and scruffy looking too.

A third place where people often want laser hair removal is from the eyebrows. This might be from above the eyebrow or below it in order to make the hair thinner and the shape of the eyebrow more defined and desirable. However in many cases it can be to remove hair from between the eyebrows and if this is left unkempt then it can result in someone looking as though they have just one eyebrow or a 'mono-brow' as it is sometimes named (which is about as attractive as it sounds). This is a problem that can affect either men or women too so this is certainly not a problem that is the sole domain of the fairer sex.

In any of these cases, getting laser hair removal is definitely the best solution. One other option for instance is to shave and while this might temporarily get rid of the problem it will eventually cause the hair to grow back thicker and darker meaning that you are actually doing yourself more harm over time not to mention the fact that it will continuously grow back and you will have to keep doing it.

Another option is to bleach your facial hair. This is a great idea as it makes the hair blonde so that it is much more difficult to see, but again it is not perfect as it means you still have hair there and people kissing you for instance can still feel it tickling against them. If you wax it this will hurt an awful lot and in both cases you will have to keep doing it.

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