Laser Hair Removal Is Really Permanent or Temporary?

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Laser hair removal is the latest trend for people who want to get rid of unwanted body or facial hair. Using a laser to remove unwanted hair is presented as a procedure based on the state of the art technology, which is a fact. You also heard the claim that the procedure for laser hair removal is the ultimate in permanent hair removal. You've seen the ads claiming that laser treatments are quick, painless and safe.

This all sounds very tempting, but too good to be true?

To answer this question, hard look at this high-tech hair removal procedure, and to see if these allegations prove to be reliable.

How is laser hair removal?

The procedure for laser hair removal centers on the supply of light on the skin, measured at a given wavelength, using a handheld. The light focuses on the darker material on the skin. The white material is the pigment in hair. Intense light damages the hair follicle, slowing hair growth or eliminates future. This process occurs without affecting the surrounding skin tissue.

A big advantage of laser hair removal treatments is the speed at which the procedure may be indicated. Small areas like the upper lip can be treated in a matter of seconds. Large areas such as back or legs can be treated in just one hour. However, electrolysis can take up to 125 hours of treatment for the back area only.

Laser treatments for all?

People who respond better to laser hair removal treatments tend to have lighter skin tones and darker hair. The higher the contrast, the easier it is for the laser light to focus on darker material, or pigment in the hair.

The latest technological advances in laser hair removal have made the process more efficient for those with dark skin. Concern for the risk of tissue damage to the laser skin darker hair follicle that the weapons has been significantly reduced.

In most cases, people with dark skin can be used in laser procedures. These people should not wait for the results as dramatic as candidates with experience advantageous features, light skin and dark hair.

The procedure is really safe?

In almost all cases, the equipment of hair removal lasers used in these procedures have been evaluated and found safe by the FDA for hair removal. Of course, an important caveat applies here too - the procedure is performed by a physician or a specialist. When you are looking for hair removal clinic, we recommend using a licensed physician to perform these treatments.

Is laser hair removal treatment really painless?

Laser treatment is a light delivered through a portable instrument that is attached to a laser console. As the high intensity light is delivered, some patients reported a tingling sensation. Thank you to the new technology, this tingling sensation will be reduced. Many new lasers are now incorporating a cooling system that automatically reduces or eliminates the heat from the surface of the skin during exposure to the laser.

Most people describe the sensation as a slight tingling of the skin, and tolerate very well laser procedure. This does not mean that some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. In these cases, topical anesthesia can be administered before the procedure. General anesthesia or pain medication is usually not necessary.

The results of the procedure for laser hair removal really permanent?

Currently, the medical consensus is that the laser hair removal procedure will lead to different results, depending on the physical characteristics of the individual (ie, skin color, hair color, etc..) Normally, when a series of laser hair removal treatments, we can expect a very drastic reduction in hair growth. If and when the hair does not grow back, back to a lighter color or finer in structure.
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