Laser Hair Removal and the Specific Treatments and Benefits

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Behold the final bonus report in my 7 part series regarding laser hair removal. Read this, as well as the other articles to instantly discover some of the answers to you questions around this amazing procedure.

What are the laser hair removal methods?

a)Ultimate Light™ or Pulsed Light (IPL): Ultimate Light™ creates the greatest number of laser colors including, red, green, yellow, and infrared. Ultimate Light™ Laser Treatment works on almost all skin colors and hair colors and is relatively painless

b)Diode Laser: The Diode Laser has a relatively long laser wave length, allowing it to eliminate the hair follicle without damaging the skin too much. It is a relatively newer technology so you should insure that your technician is skilled with it before you become the test subject.

c)Nd: Yag Laser: This method allows treatment for every skin color but has been reported to be very painful (more so than Diode and Ultimate Light). There is also little evidence that Nd: Yag lasers provide long-term hair removal (longer than 6 months)

d)Alexandrite Laser: This system should be used ONLY for very white skin. The wavelength of the system (very short) is such that it can burn, lighten, or darken other non-white skin colors.

e)Ruby Laser: Similar to the Alexandrite Laser, the Ruby laser should be used only for very white skin. It too utilizes a very short wavelength, meaning that it could be more irritating and have more side effects than other lasers for darker skin types.

How should I pay for my Laser Hair Removal? These treatments require several visits before the procedure is complete. Most clinics provide you the option to pay for all the visits in 1 lump sum, up front, for a discount. For instance, if your treatment required 5 visits, at $100 per visit, the total would be $500, if you paid after each visit. Some clinics may give you a discount of $50 (10%) if you pay for all of the visits after the first visit.

Should you take a discount for an upfront payment? It is really up to you. You may determine after the first visit that you don't like the results. Or you could unexpectedly have to move out of state, or become pregnant. Then you would have spent money on services you won't receive. But if the discount is significant enough for you, it may be worth the risk.

If you are paying up front, make sure to find out whether the payment is refundable or not. Most are not.

This article should not replace medical advice from a doctor or physician. I am not a doctor.

Laser hair removal can be a wonderful treatment. I hope you enjoy the benefits.


Amy C. is an avid health and beauty enthusiast. Her experience with Scottsdale laser hair removal research has enabled her to create a free highly-valuable Hair Removal Treatment guide at her recently launched Laser Treatment Portal. Amy's Scottsdale laser hair removal video can be found here as well.

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