Laser Hair Removal - The Answers

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The popularity of laser hair removal increases day by day as it is a very attractive alternative to shaving, depilatory creams or waxing. It offers a more permanent solution which is safe and allows patients to see results almost straight away. Laser hair removal fits into the modern day lifestyle of both men and women and can leave you hair free within a small space of time.

There are currently a number of different lasers available that can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and body. There is the Alexandrite laser, the diode laser and intense pulsed light laser. The Alexandrite laser and the diode laser are similar as they use the same procedure to eliminate hair growth. However, the diode laser has a much longer wavelength and benefits people with darker skin as well as people with lighter skin types.

How the Soprano XL works?

The light energy safely passes through the skin to the hair follicles below. When the light energy reaches the follicles it is converted to heat energy and damages the hair follicle leaving it unable to produce new hair. To become completely hair free, a number of treatments are needed to be carried out to the targeted area, with intervals of roughly 6 weeks. This is because hair grows in different stages and the light energy only affects the actively growing hair follicles. On average, six treatments are recommended for the body and eight treatments for the facial area.

Laser hair removal, along with everything has its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantages include a comfortable treatment which is virtually painless. Topical anaesthetic creams are not required and laser hair removal is safe to be carried out on sensitive areas. The time it takes to carry out the treatment is minimal and can take as little as five to ten minutes for small areas, making laser hair removal a very convenient method of hair removal which can be fitted into even the busiest and most demanding of lifestyles. The results can be noticed almost immediately and hair is easier to manage in between treatments.

The only disadvantage of the Soprano XL is the fact that the procedure does not work well on people with very light, white or grey hair, although there are products available which can be used alongside laser hair removal to give better results. After treatment, the area which has been treated may be sensitive for a day or two and exposure to the sun or sun beds should be avoided until the skin has properly recovered.

To see some videos of the Soprano XL in action or to find your nearest specialist that offers the Soprano Laser Hair Removal treatment please visit The Laser hair removal Group website, providing the very best up to date information and connecting customers to the premier laser hair removal clinics around the country.

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