Laser Hair Removal – Everything You Wanted to Know!

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment – What is It?
Laser hair removal treatment helps people to get rid of those hairs that they feel are unwanted on their body. Laser hair removal technique helps people to get rid of the unwanted hair on their body parts. It should be mentioned here that this technique is also not a permanent solution but does give relief for a long period of time. Effective hair removal in London became possible with the introduction of laser hair removal treatment. Other hair removal treatments available in London are IPL hair removal treatment, waxing, shaving and many more. You can get this treatment at advanced beauty salon or beauty clinics. Hair removal in London was never so easy.

Laser Hair Removal - Why Is It Required?
Hairs are often unwanted on those body parts that remain visible even after wearing our clothes. Overgrown hairs look odd in the open parts of our body, which makes us feel awkward in front of other people in parties, functions and other social gatherings. This phenomenon also affects our confidence level and makes us extra cautious about our look. This is the reason why more and more people are preferring removal of unwanted hairs from their body. Many of them, especially women have been seen to use hair removing creams and other machines. However, these techniques give temporary (two to three days maximum) relief only. This is why more and more people are looking for a permanent solution for removing unwanted hairs from their body.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – What’s the Procedure involved?
An intense and pulsating light beam called Laser is used in this - laser hair removal - Treatment. Simply speaking, in this treatment procedure a single hair follicle is targeted and a laser beam of low energy is passed through the skin to heat up the concerned targeted hair follicle so that the growth of hair gets restricted. The Laser hair removal procedure works best in those people who have fairer skin and darker hair colour.
Please note that this procedure does not guarantee permanent removal of hair. However, this is empirically true that the growth rate of the hair, in the areas where the treatment was done, gets slowed down effectively.

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Technique Work Better for Lighter Skin Darker Hair Colour?
In this treatment technique, better absorption of light by the hair follicles is very necessary. When the laser beam is targeted towards a particular hair follicle, the beam has to pass through the skin first and then hits the target follicle. As we all know that dark materials absorb more light than the fairer colours, it is preferable that the skin of the person is light in colour so that least amount of laser beam gets absorbed by the skin. Moreover, the dark haired follicles are preferred because they are able to absorb most of the light. Melanin is the matter that is responsible for our body and hair colour. The two natural melanin types found in human beings are Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. The former is responsible for darker hair colour (black and brown) and the later for lighter hair colour (blond and red).

According to the basic science involved in laser hair removal technique, laser beam targets the hair follicle to remove the Eumelanin component. This is possible only when the melanin type responsible for dark hair colour is removed. This is why this laser hair removal technique does not work well when Pheomelanin, the pigment responsible for light hair colour, is present.
This is the basic science involved in laser hair removal technique for removing unwanted hair from our body.

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