Laser hair removal A patients journey

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With the passage of time it is very natural to find higher and higher level of technical development and its application in almost all areas. The cosmetic industry is not untouched in this regard; you can observe a transition from traditional methods to the modern advanced methods. When it comes to the solution of unwanted body hairs, the introduction of laser hair removal technology is a good example how much we have progressed. A person who was uncomfortable while performing waxing can easily take the help of laser therapy. It not only provides a permanent solution but also ensures a non-invasive treatment. Have a look at some more facets of this modern technology.

Those who want to try something other than tweezers, razors and wax to keep excess of hair or unwanted hair at bay can go for the laser hair removal treatment to find a smooth and clean look. A patient has to go through certain procedure to eliminate unwanted hairs for a long period. Though there is no guaranteed period of time to ensure the longevity of smooth look but one thing is clear that you will get better result than other methods. This procedure applies a beam of light to burn the hair follicles so that they would regrow for few months.

Different people will need different sessions of laser treatment as per the nature of hair and skin colours. Some people may find the follicles growing just a few months later while many other don't find it for years. There are positive results at large, as this method has proved to be the best for the people with darker skin and light skin. Although laser hair removal technology has gained recognition as a long lasting solution, many people question about its efficacy.

The fair skinned women with dark hair probably complain for the dark pigment because of the intensity of laser beam. In some cases, the grey and white hairs are not affected by the treatment. In addition, those who have darker skin find that laser gets distracted and becomes ineffective in removing hair, but burns the skin. Some patients find some side effects of laser hair removal method such as crimsoning, swelling, pain and increased pigmentation. But patient cannot ignore the effectiveness of laser therapy that can sophistically remove unwanted hairs from different body parts like upper lip, pubic, underarm, leg, chest, etc. Many clinics in the country are offering this solution at a very reasonable price.

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