Laser Facial Hair Removal

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Previously, many women may get only temporary relief, use of facial hair removal products and treatments such as waxing, depilatory creams or shaving. Removal of these techniques, shaving your face is probably the most depressed women. Not only is it generally needs to be done on a daily basis, leading to growth in an uncomfortable prickly feeling that can make a lot of women are very conscious about anyone touching my face and also suffered an embarrassing "05 o'clock shadow" look.

Female Hirsutism Causes

Female facial hair can cause hormonal imbalance, sometimes associated with, for example, confusion PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which exceeds the growth called hirsutism PCOS. It is therefore important to rule out and, if necessary to treat any hormonal reasons, before embarking on any invasive therapy, other hormonal imbalances may simply result in immediate regrowth.

Stability treatment

Under normal circumstances, laser removal can provide a permanent solution by disabling a large percentage of the follicles or roots under the skin. Results will not give 100% payment, but should help prevent most of the growth, the rest should be clearly grows weaker, thinner and lighter.


Electrolysis facial hair removal is permanent alternate method beauticians and dermatologists to treat women's facial hair, this is true, if there are just some of the hair treatment and facial hair removal laser can successfully clear significant areas of the face.

Sometimes a few visible hairs that remain after a successful treatment of facial laser hair removal may be removed by electrolysis, giving the final touches on a woman feels she must be completely comfortable with her new smooth skin.

Side Effects

Severe facial hair removal side effects or complications of laser treatment is mercifully rare, many women experience facial redness after laser hair removal, but it should subside within a few days at most. If you feel conscious about it, it is advisable to have the treatment carried out on Friday and / or take a day or two at work for some privacy. However, the safe use of make-up after treatment.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Prices

Most women who have unwanted facial hair problems consider the solution of the cost of investment, they will be happy to do so if it solves your problem forever. Home facial hair removal by waxing or depilatory creams methods can add up to more than laser hair removal cost in the long term.

Example of costs in the U.S. may vary from one location to another, for example, the entire face could expect to pay anywhere from $ 250 and $ 600 per treatment session (and you may require six of these sessions) - depending, among other things, as far as growth. On the upper lip treatment, you may be looking in the region pay $ 25 - $ 100 per treatment session.


If you are in the growth of unwanted hair on the face of a woman, you owe it to yourself to find a permanent solution - and facial laser hair removal may be granted only

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