Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser eye surgeries have been gaining more and more popularity since it started. Today, there are different types of laser eye surgery for their specific purpose. Most laser eye surgeries correct more than one problem when present, and laser eye surgeries are getting cheaper by the minute and are safer than the procedures offered years ago. At present, there are two popular methods of laser eye surgery. The most commonly used form of laser treatment is Lasik. In Lasik, a small incision is made in the cornea to create a flap. Laser treatment can then be carried out. There may be vision loss of 20 to 30 seconds during the procedure. In Lasek the epithelium is removed before the cornea is reshaped with a laser. Laser eye treatment takes around 15 minutes in total. The most popular and safe type of laser eye surgery is the refractive LASIK eye surgery. LASIK stands for Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis and is a very fast procedure that lasts about 5 to 15 minutes with immediate results. LASIK eye surgery is performed by reshaping the cornea of the eye with a laser; it corrects numerous types of refractive eye disorders and is very comfortable after its fast healing.

The procedure actually involves removing a hair thin part of your cornea for the best vision to be achieved. The good thing is it can cure imperfections in the eyes, nearsightedness, farsightedness or even astigmatism. It takes few days for recovery but after that your eyes are cured and you won't need any aid for vision. The risk is low with laser eye surgery because the decision is not in your hand. You can decide to get the eye surgery but if you are not the best candidate your surgeon will refuse to carry out because of the risks involved. The whole process of the Lasik laser eye surgery may take couple of hours but the surgery itself takes only a few minutes. In most cases, you will not have to be hospitalized. However, it is advisable to have a family member or friend to be along with you because you will be sedated and may not be able to drive or even see well right after the surgery.

Risks involved with laser eye surgery include Regression, Flap damage/loss, distorted flap, incomplete procedure, under-correction/over-correction, etc. However, these risks, if present, are easily corrected by a repeat procedure, a flap replacement/repair or with the continuous use of corrective lenses/glasses. In other cases, when a laser eye surgery goes perfectly, there might also be other risks, such as dissatisfaction by patients (especially older patients), etc. There is also no possible way to have good distance vision and good near vision for patients that are used to relying on their eye disorder (especially older patients that have been treated of myopia).

Like any surgery, there are definitely risks to LASIK laser eye surgery. First of all, it is still a somewhat new method, which means many things could still go wrong. However, almost in every case, only one eye is operated at each surgery. This is the make sure that if the operation turns out to be a failure, you are still not totally blind. This may sound scary but, in the vast majority of cases, there are no complications. Statistics show that approximately 92% of patients are happy with the Lasik laser eye surgery. People are simply able to see better, clearer and they do not have to rely on contact or glasses for the rest of their lives.

Even with the existence of risks, eye laser surgery is still something that has helped millions of people and it could help you too. If you are the right candidate for such procedure, it is something that worth considering.

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