Laser Beauty Treatments

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The frequencies of the laser, applied to our bodies can get fantastic results, and brings magical changes. Most of these treatments are very costly, and require frequent visits to get the desired results. Some of the popular laser beauty treatments are listed below.

For acne and disfiguring scarring, various treatments are available such as pulsed light and resurfacing. Pulsed Light has a tendency to kill the bacteria and reduces the sebum production from your glands, eliminating breakouts after several treatments

Resurfacing remakes the superficial layer of your skin, and form a smoother, scar-free skin to obtain after laser treatment. Many acne patients find these treatments very beneficial, while others found them minimally effective.†
Vein Therapy†and collagen treatment
For dark or visible veins, a laser is used to remove the superficial capillaries and erase the visibility of veins from your skin.†

It may require several treatments but it is effective. Some treatments are combined with collagen injections or other treatments. Ask your doctor about the details.

A laser can be used to stimulate the skin collagen, causing it to produce more. Several treatments are required. This is a non-invasive procedure, and is used to replace injections or implants.
Tattoo and Hair Removal†
Lasers can remove the pigment under your skin and allow it to be phagocytized and the tattoo.†A laser is targeted at the patientís skin follicle, burning it at the root, underneath the surface of the skin. Because the laser has the ability to reach the root of the hair, fair-haired people may find the treatments more suitable than dark -skinned people may. Hair removal requires up to 10 treatments in particular area to remove the hair growth in the face, back or anywhere in the body.†
Erase Age Spots
Fraxel Laser is used for resurfacing in which the skin is repaired by heat of a light. The treatment is given in frequent sessions treating about minimal area of the skin at a time, allowing for repair.
There are many advantages to Fraxel Laser Resurfacing: it removes fine lines and even wrinkles, remove brown and age spots, and make the skinís own production of collagen to provide improvement of skin tone.

There are two types of Fraxel Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Repair. Both shows the same results, Fraxel Restore requires multiple treatments .Fraxel Repair laser requires less sessions and a repair period of almost 4-5 days after treatment. When opting for this treatment, allow two to four weeks before doing another treatment. It is FDA approved. In some cases redness, swelling, and flaking, may occur.
Improve Skin Tone with a Laser Facial
IPL means Intense Pulsed Light and is mostly known as Photo facial Laser. IPL uses pulses of intense light to repair skin. It is best to make skin even, create shine, and make it more youthful. This treatment stimulates the skinís own production of new collagen to improve the skin texture.IPL involves multiple treatments; mostly three to five sessions to see results. Each session has duration of about fifteen minutes.
It is FDA approved. Sometimes, the face might look burnt for a day or two IPL is not recommended for dark skin individuals.

For more information on beauty therapy and acne treatment refer the link.

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