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It's no wonder, with over 40 million Latinos in this country, that literary agents are going gaga for Latino novels. It doesn't even have to be an ethnic-central novel. What it should be is a hot and mainstream novel that happens to feature a strong Latino lead. As authors such as Junot Diaz continue to recieve multiple accolades for their work, the demand for Latino-themed novels continues to grow, too.

If you've written a novel with a Latino lead, there are a few things to consider. One is that although agents are hot for this genre, the same rules for strong characters and plot apply. Sloppy writing will definitely not ring their bells. No agent, no matter what the genre, is going to want to represent a book that has a weak plot with even weaker characters. The agents wants to be wowed, so you sure better wow them! Furthermore, Chica lit, a spinoff of the now dead genre Chick lit, is virtually dead too, so if that's the direction you were planning on going in, don't.

You can see some examples of personalized query letters that landed my clients agents here:

See what you can do to make the genre fresh and appealing. Start by reading as much of the genre as possible. Think about what it is that makes your writing different. What's funny is often times, if you brand the same book as 'women's fiction' rather than 'Chick lit,' you'll be able to go a lot further with your book. It's the awareness of little differences like that that that can mean the difference between rejection or landing an agent.

Like all genres, a strong platform is important, even with a fiction novel. If you've won major awards, have a strong educational background, have a blog with thousands of followers or have access to major media outlets, you're a virtual shoe-in for representation. Make sure that your platform comes across as strong as possible in your query. Fail to include that, and you'll fail to ever land an agent.

View examples of the query letters that landed my clients an agent at:

Follow these tips and guidelines and you'll find yourself one step closer to landing an agent with your Latino-themed novel.


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