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True Rejuvenation is a leading fat reduction clinic in the Lake City, Florida area. The company specializes in helping those who have tried weight loss plans in the past yet have not succeeded. True Rejuvenation's unique approach to dropping fat is by combining all four aspects into one easy, simple and fun program. These four aspects are nutrition, personal training, mental counseling and medical practitioner.

"By combining all four aspects of weight loss we have found our clients are losing more weight, more consistently" Aaron Gross said. He goes onto say that in the past clients usually just try one strategy at a time. For example one client may have just tried exercise but totally neglicted dieting. Another one may have just tried dieting but didn't take advantage of weight loss injections and supplements.

Introducing The Body Rejuvenator Program

The Body Rejuvenator Program is a TOTAL life changing method that is doctor run, supervised by specialists and supported by our community of friends. We address each personal stumbling block with a specific specialist to ensure it is overcome.

Our program is for individuals that are finally ready for extreme total amendment. The Body Rejuvenator gives you every tool necessary to make this life changing step in your life a successful one. Start by eliminating or addressing medical reasons for slow or no reduced weight. That means blood tests, EKGs, family history, complete medical exams and cross referencing drug interactions. Many people find very legitimate reasons why the losing weight is almost nonexistent. This will not stop you, you may have to work harder, but knowing what you're up against is half the battle. Plus, with prescription enhancements many metabolic hurtles can be overcome.

All in all, the company has seen significant interested from the local Lake City community and are quickly becoming a recognized diet solution around the local area.

Contact Us

Touch base with the crew at True Rejuvenation Weight Loss today. Call (386) 232-TRUE "8783"
True Rejuvenation
2806 W US Highway 90, Suite 102,
Lake City, FL 32055

Phone: (386) 232-8783

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