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Whether you're a brand new or experienced coach, it's always good to learn new lacrosse drills.

That is why we go to conventions, watch instructional dvds, talk to other coaches and search websites and forums.

As coaches, it is in our nature to be always seeking ways to improve our players as individuals and our team as a whole. We also seek to improve upon ourselves as coaches, and it drives us to self educate.A good practice contains a healthy mix of game simulation and lacrosse drills.

Coaching conventions are great for learning from others who have achieved success, especially at the college level. I was fortunate to meet Pat Myers at one US Lacrosse convention in Philadelphia.

Then the offensive coach for Cornell University under a terrific coach - Jeff Tambroni , Pat presented to a classroom full of fortunate coaches from all levels. What he shared was his series of lacrosse drills that he packaged together into one cohesive, intensive workout program. This "blueprint&rdquo of lacrosse drills followed a very specific and scientific pattern.

During the off-season, when the NCAA limits the number of team practices a coach can attend, Pat worked with his division 1 lacrosse players in one on one and small group settings. Every session began with what is arguably the most effective set of lacrosse drills a player of any position can use to improve stick skills. You probably guessed it - wall ball. From there, Pat would have his offensive guys perform a specific number of repetitions on each side of the body for a series of lacrosse drills that developed dodging ability, shot velocity and shot accuracy.

Every coach in the room was impressed with Pat's workout program, in part because the lacrosse drills were unique, and in part because the program was exact and focused. In 45 minutes his players were getting in hundreds of repetitions while also getting intense cardio conditioning.

After the seminar, a queue formed at the front of the room because more than half of us in attendance wanted to ask the same two questions: "do you have this on dvd?" and, "can I get a copy of it?"

At the time, Pat did not, but an idea was born. During a subsequent discussion Pat told me he always wanted to make a dvd. I produced this with Pat, and we call it "30 Days to Scoring Success." We are proud of the product and inspired by the feedback from parents and coaches, many of whom say it is far and away the best lacrosse training dvd they've every used.I believe you too will be pleased with the results.

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