Kresley Cole and her Bestselling Novels

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Kresley Cole is a well-known name in the literary circle of critics, authors and readers- her well-written bestselling novels have often claimed positions on the bestseller lists.

Background of Cole

Kresley Cole is a talented award-winning author who has written several bestselling novels in the genres of historical and paranormal romance. Before starting on her writing career, Cole was a world-ranked athlete and a graduate with a Master’s degree. Cole published her first novel in 2003 and subsequently released other novels that have been translated into an astounding number of 16 different languages and her novels have been extremely popular with fans from all over the world. She also achieved #1 New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller with her novel “Kiss of a Demon King” in 2009. Other popular novel series that Kresley Cole has penned include “The Immortals After Dark”, “The Sutherland Brothers” and “The MacCarrick Brothers”.

Popular Novels & Bestselling Books

Cole is an award-winning novelist who has won several awards and earned praise from critics for her well-written novels. Her popular novel series “The Immortals After Dark”, or in short, IAD Series, is about the paranormal world and the members in it. The series revolves around stories and plots about star-crossed lovers and various other intriguing characters, attracting many paranormal romance fans around the world. The series starts with the first title “A Hunger Like No Other”, a captivating love story between a vampire and a werewolf. The novel in this popular series won the award Best Paranormal Romance from the 2007 Romance Writers of America RITA. Other books in this exciting “Immortals After Dark” series would include “No Rest for the Wicked” (Book 2) and “Dark Needs at Night's Edge” (Book 4).

Cole is also a well-known name in the historical romance genre, where she has written novel series like “The MacCarrick Brothers”. The series revolves around the dark lives of three Scottish brothers and their secrets, troubles and relationships that pose problems in their lives- certainly a favourite read for many.

Cole has been nominated 3 times for the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers' Choice Award, and won the prestigious award twice with her well-written novels.

Upcoming Books

Kresley Cole has just recently released a new novel “Dreams of a Dark Warrior” in February 2011, another title in the “The Immortals After Dark” series. She has also plans to release another title of the same series, which is titled “Lothaire”, in early 2012. In addition, Cole is intending to release a young adult series as well that will appeal to her fans and new readers of her novels. Readers who are fans of Cole’s works should certainly anticipate these great upcoming reads.

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