KoolTel America enables you to make unlimited domestic calls

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Telephonic communications are now being considered as an integral part of our lives. Wherever we go, we can hardly imagine leaving our cell phones behind as we cannot afford to miss any calls. But the fact that worries us a lot is the expensive call rates that come with the different cell phone service providers. No matter whatever scheme we opt for, it is not so easy to cut down the call charges.

In such a case KoolTel America proves to be of great help. They help us in cutting down excess call charges. It is an internet phone service provider that helps you accept and receive calls with the aid of PC/laptop equipped with a headphone-cum-microphone and high-speed internet connection.

Just download the kooltel phone software on your computer and get ready to make calls from your home or office right away. Of course you need to pay a very affordable subscription charge of only $17.76/month for using their services. However, in return you can access some of the wonderful privileges of kooltel, such as:

- Freedom to make unlimited number of domestic calls.
- Get the unique 500 minute calling card every month.
- Call anyone residing in US or Canada through your PC or notebook.
- Applications such as FindMe, FollowMe enable your callers to locate you easily on all your phone numbers when you are offline.
- Special Caller ID facility with Name
- 3 call forwarding modes: When you are unable to receive calls you can use a local phone number and forward all your incoming calls to your home phone, mobile phone, home phone, office phone or others.
- VoiceMail to Email: Receive all your voicemails left by your callers on your phone, in the form of a .WAV file in your email inbox.
- Disconnection of your primary phone service is not required.
- Say ‘No’ to any long-term deal: Unlike other internet phone service providers, KoolTel America doesn’t require you to sign any long-term deal. This means you can enjoy a tension-free subscription.
- Credit Card not needed: Kooltel doesn’t ask for your credit card details. So remain absolutely tension-free with their services.

You will not be provided with so many privileges with any other internet phone service provider except kooltel-america. Registration is very easy and fast. Just stopover at their web portal Kooltelamerica.com and subscribe for their services.

Kooltel has an excellent customer support network that listens to all your queries and doubts and resolves them promptly without keeping you waiting for long.

You need not have to be extremely good with computers to reap the benefits and services of KoolTel America. The kooltel phone application is very easy to use and designed for all. However, you need to make sure that you are using a very reliable and high-speed internet connection so as to enjoy calling seamlessly.

So subscribe to the services of kooltel-america for only $17.76/month and start calling your near and dear ones who are residing in US and Canada!

KoolTel America enables customers to make unlimited domestic calling in return of a nominal fee per month. With Kooltel customers can enjoy excellent services.

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