KoolTel America: Communication Made Simpler

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The world of communication is predominantly dependent on the telephone. There have been strides towards using emails and online chat as suitable alternatives for the telephone but none has matched up. There seems to be no substitute for a voice communication. However, phone conversations often tend to burn a hole in your pocket, when you are calling long distance. That is how calling over the Internet became popular. In this mode, you need a desktop or laptop and a head phone. The calls will be made over the web. There are problems in this mode, too. Many times you will come across call drops and distortions related to static noises. But Kooltel America has changed that.

Kool Tel America has redefined the way communication is conducted over PCs. It offers you a ticket to connect with any PC in North America and talk to anyone you want without paying any extra money. All you have to do is visit the website at kooltelamerica.com and become a member. Once your payments are cleared, you can download the software that will help you connect with Kool Tel America. You will be able to talk to just any PC in USA and Canada for as long as you want. The monthly subscription fee doesn’t change according to the usage. It remains fixed for as long as you are a member of the KoolTel America network.

Other than calling any PC in North America, you have a number of added features at your disposal. You will be able to use the call forwarding features of Kool Tel America. There are three ways in which your calls can be forwarded. The first one is that the calls to your PC will be directed to your cell phone. If the cell phone is switched off or unreachable, these calls will go to your voice mail. The callers can leave a message on your voice mail. If you modify the ‘Settings’ on your KoolTel America account, your voice mails will be converted into WAV files and then forwarded to your email. You can listen to your voicemails when you check up your email. There are many PC-to-PC call providers, but none can offer the facilities of KoolTel America.

The advantage of KoolTel America does not end there! This telecom network is the only one that allows you to make distortion free phone calls. The software that you use to make calls when you are a Kool Tel America subscriber is updated and upgraded. You will not have any problems when you are talking to your near ones. There will be no static interferences or call drops. The customer service at Kool Tel America will help you at every step.

KoolTel America is a PC-to-PC telecom provider. There are various other facilities in the quiver of Kool Tel America. Check out the website to find out the details.

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