Kool Tel America: Telecom Redefined!

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Telecom is one of the more transient modes of communication. No matter how much you communicate through emails or online chat, a voice conversation can never be replaced by the written word. You will have to agree that when you make calls over the Internet, the costs are less and you also get to talk for longer lengths of time without feeling a pocket pinch. But at the same time, it’s also true that the calls often drop or are rudely interrupted by static noise. The quality of the calls depends upon the seamless Internet connection. With Kool Tel America, you have more freedom of making calls over the Internet.

Kool Tel America redefines the way you look at PC to PC calls. When you talk about calls over the computer, you feel the claustrophobia of remaining chained to your desk to attend these calls. If you are not seated at your desk, you will end up missing the calls. With Kool Tel America, you can bid farewell to that obsolete way of communicating. If you are a subscriber of this new-age telecom network, you will be able to be on the ago and yet receive all the incoming calls. There are three forwarding options for the subscribers of Kool Tel America. The first is that you can adjust your account ‘Settings’ to forward the calls to your cell phone when you are on the move. You have to register your cell phone number and your call can be received on it.

The second way is to have the incoming calls directed to your voice mail. This happens when your cell phone is switched off. The third function is to convert your voice mails into WAV files and email them to your inbox. When you can access the Internet, you will be able to listen to the calls. These facilities are entirely unique to Kool Tel America. On no other telecom network can you find such convenience. The phone lines of Kool Tel America allow you to make unlimited number of calls to any PC located in North America. The zone includes the two countries, America and Canada.

If you have a budding business in the continent, you will have to be a member of the Kool Tel America network. The hassles related to communication, as well as the budget to do so, will be diminished considerably. You will be able to make calls and also talk as much as you want without shooting up the fixed monthly bill. Other than these features of Kool Tel America, you will also receive a calling card worth 500 minutes when you subscribe. The signing-up process is very easy and anyone can instantly become a member of this privileged network.

Kooltel America is known for being a telecom service provider with a difference. Visit the website of KooltelAmerica today to know more about the features and offers.

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