Know Where Your Power is Going and Control Your Electricity Bills with Home Energy Monitors

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With electricity prices on the rise, everyone is becoming more conscious of the increasing cost of energy consumption. But you don’t have to sacrifice the use of your home appliances, you just have to pay special attention to how you use your appliances to ensure you are not wasting energy. There are power monitors to help you look into this and Home Energy Monitors has the tools and resources to support your goal of reducing electricity usage and lowering your electricity bill.

Power monitors keep you in control of your electricity usage, for big power savings

Home Energy Monitors offers you equipment that measures what every appliance in your house
consumes and cost to run in Real Time. So you know what appliances need to be turned off when they aren’t being used, and which ones you may consider using less. This will make a huge difference when the electricity bill arrives.

Through their energy monitors, you can then make informed decisions on how and when appliances should be used. No more waiting for the quarterly electricity bill to see if your efforts to reduce your energy usage have worked, the instant you turn something off the savings will be displayed. You will be able to identify appliances in standby mode, appliances that waste too much electricity, and appliances that exert excess energy when not properly set or conditioned, can now be checked and observed through electricity monitors.

Being a specialist supplier of power monitors, Home Energy Monitors hopes to be your partner in saving power and energy in every corner of your home.

Having your own energy monitor keeps you in control of your power bills. Some of the benefits of an electricity monitor are being able to identify your power usage in real time, identifying what every appliance consumes and costs to run, identifying power wasted by appliances on standby, instantly seeing the savings when you turn something off, watching your power costs daily, weekly, and monthly, checking all appliances are turned off before going to bed, and identifying faulty appliances.

The power monitor also serves as a great reminder for the whole family that electricity costs money.

Save electricity. Save costs. Save money. Save energy. Save the environment. Home Energy Monitors helps you achieve all of this with their energy-reducing tools.

Home Energy Monitors promotes the importance of saving power and money. The electricity monitor displays the cost and saving for every appliance you have. The trick to saving power around the home is to do many small, simple things right. Every room you have can contribute to hundreds of dollars of savings: bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, living room, kitchen, entertainment room, dining room, garage, and outside areas. Knowing which appliances need your attention will significantly increase power savings. You will see how closing the door of your bathroom, using compact fluorescent lights, and cleaning the filter of your dryer and air conditioners, can go a long way.

Home Energy Monitors aims to help you measure your energy consumption in real time. With their electricity monitors, either for the whole house or for a single power point, you can identify the appliances that add the most to your electricity bill, the appliances on standby that account for up to 25% of the electricity bill, and the appliances that need to be turned off before going to bed or leaving the house. As a bonus, by making a conscious effort of saving electricity to save on your power bill you will also saving the environment.

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