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There is not a person in this world who does not like to watch film or watch TV once in a while. Many people are regular viewers of certain soaps and serials. But have you ever wondered as to how these film and TV composers worked? This indeed is a very creative work field and needs lot of dedication and passion and at the end of the day, the result is in the hands of unknown people watching these films and TV shows. What about those commercials which entertain us during the breaks. Commercial scoring is yet another field which these highly talented film and TV composers are knee dip into.

Be it a Disney Dream anthem or the GE dragon, the imagination of these film and TV composers in the commercial scorings is simply fascinating. They hook you and keep you glued to the TV sets and belt out enormous profits by making these brands popular. Just check out some of the most popular commercials on TV like HBO-Airplane, Honda-Water Fight, Mercedes –F1 or KIA –When you know and you will be amazed as to how a blend of creative brains and technical expertise can evolve such wonderful commercial scorings. So, if film and TV composers can captivate you with their colorful films and TV shows, they can also induce you through their innovative commercial scorings.

At one time when television was first introduced many though that the radio has lost its appeal and will fade into the oblivion. But till date, radio remains one of the best means of entertaining and unwinding and over the years many Fm channels have surfaced each one catering to particular age group or taste. Station branding by these radio channels is nothing new and today apart from playing and slotting different groups and classes of songs and instrumentals the channel try to arrange live contribution of celebrity musicians and singers. This type of station branding certainly raises up the number of listeners and more such ideas are evolved by the radio channels every now and then.

The radio channels are facing tough competition around in the race to increase their stake of listeners in the market and station branding hence has become one of the pivotal weapons to achieve it. Renowned groups, bands, musicians, composers and singers are paid heavily and regularly so that they perform live and separately for these channels and give the listeners a different experience than the recorded one.

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