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Radiesse is a cosmetic injection filler and Restylane is one of the most popular cosmetic fillers that is designed for lip enhancement, wrinkle and line reduction, and contouring of facial features. The product has longer lasting effects than many other types of filler like it, and is much more widely used because of that. The product is
composed of calcium hydroxylapatite that is suspended in a gel. This is a natural product found in bones, and will generally elicit very few, if any, allergic reactions or immune responses like other filler products can have. The material used to create this specific synthetic filler has been used in facial, dental, and orthopedic implants and prosthetics, so it is proven to be safe internally.

Restylane is one of the most popular cosmetic fillers that are available by injection. Although there are many different products on the market to choose from, this particular product is more effective and more innovative than any of its kind. It is FDA-approved and comes from Sweden. The most common uses are to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines in the face and lips, providing results that last 60% longer than collagen injections in many cases. This was first developed in 1996 and is manufactured and marketed by Q-Med. The

productís active ingredient is a derivation of hyaluronic acid, and has the ability to bind with water molecules.

Radiesse has been used the longest in Italy, and studies from there show that this filler can be used as a promising new choice in contouring and facial rejuvenation without side effects and with lasting results for many people. In a time when people are looking for less invasive and more effective cosmetic procedures, this particular filler injection proves to offer exactly what people are looking for. There are so many different products on the market today that it can be difficult to choose the right one, but you
always need to discuss your options with your doctor to ensure that you get the right treatment.

Radiesse is an effective treatment for facial filling, non-surgical cosmetic contouring and treatments, and getting rid of lines and wrinkles. With so many new and innovative cosmetic procedures that are coming about, it can be difficult to figure out what each treatment is and how it works. Fortunately, this product is easy to use, requires a simple treatment in the office that takes only a few minutes, and requires no recovery time. Plus, the results are overwhelmingly amazing according to users and the results last much

longer than other filler treatments that are available.

When you are considering Radiesse, you will be pleased with the lack of inherent side effects and negative outcomes relating to this particular treatment. It is highly effective, has little to no pain and no recovery time for patients who need something quick and easy. As always, you should check out your options and discuss what is best for you with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure that you get the proper treatment for all of your cosmetic needs. However, if you do choose Radiesse, you will enjoy the benefits and the quick and easy procedure that it involves.

The ability of Restylane is different from Radiesse to bind with water makes it much safer than other injection treatments because it can be used and eliminated from the body safely over time. It doesnít have any harsh side effects or after effects, and allergic reactions to the main ingredient are very rare. There are three different versions of this product available for use, depending on the type of cosmetic filler you need. You can find original Restylane, designed for wrinkle elimination and lip filling, as well as a fine lines variety that specializes in removal of fine lines in the face and Perlane, which is designed to contour the face, add volume to the lips, and eliminate deep folds and wrinkles in the skin.

Restylane is an injection treatment, and there can be moderate tenderness or bruising, and even slight swelling after the injection. However, these are rare and most patients who use the product will immediately be able to return to their normal lives and activities. One of the reasons that this product is so popular is because of its painless and side effect-free nature. It can provide results for patients that last up to 6 months or more for lips and over a year for facial wrinkles and lines. The affordability of this
treatment allows it to be re-administered as needed without causing people to have to spend a lot to enjoy lasting results.

Restylane might not provide years of results, but the temporary effects allow people to get a sense of what the product can offer and how it can benefit their specific cosmetic needs. After the results begin to diminish, further treatments can be sought if the patient chooses. This treatment is effective for all kinds of people, but you need to discuss your specific situation with your doctor to determine the best treatment option for your needs.

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