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The word photograph comes from two Greek words - photos meaning light and graphein meaning to draw .Photography fulfils a large number of purposes. For many it is used to capture moments and scenes that they wish to remember, and photographs produce family albums. It is important as an information tool to record details and to record history .If thereís any course of action thatís as close to alchemy as possible it is photography.
Definition of this activity is incredibly basic. Itís the capturing of light. It nonetheless sounds magical and itís nevertheless fascinating. This magical procedure of capturing light and turning into images has been turned into an artwork of the highest order.
There are photographers who rely on commercial photography to earn their bread and butter. Then there are those who practice their skill to produce the most incredible works of art work. But both commercial and great photography both rely on the capturing of light to work its magic.
Fine art photography

Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism, which provides a visual account for news events, and commercial photography, the primary focus of which is to advertise products or services.
A photographer is like most other artists. They have to be equally brilliant creatively and technically. But with a digital camera now these days we can all appreciate taking average good photos.
Many individuals have started taking photos as a hobby and progressed to turning out to be professional photographers. Specialist photographs are turning out to be as sought after as oil paintings. Photography as a fine art medium keeps expanding and the demand keeps growing. But for now, we can retain shooting our digital camera and keep learning the meaning of photography definition
Historically speaking
Photography has been around for a very long time a thousand years ago when Arab astronomers were projecting images of well lit objects onto the walls of darkened rooms. This so called camera obscura (dark room) was also documented by Leonardo da Vinci in 1519, and about this time it was being advocated as an aid to drawing.

The word photography is originated from the old Greek words light and draws, as in drawing with light. The word, first used in the year 1839 by a scientist named John F.W. Herchel. It was a way capturing images onto a sensitive material with the aid lighted material or a similar radiation.
Landscape photography is a genre intended to show different spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. This popular style of photography is practiced by professionals and amateurs alike. Photographs typically capture the presence of nature and are often free of man-made obstructions. Landscape photographers usually attempt not only to convey the documentary aspect, but also an appreciation of the scenery that is being photographed.
Know more about landscape photography
Landscape photography is a great field of photography, especially if you love nature and if you love to travel. You can travel the world taking pictures of beautiful scenes across many countries. Of course, this is landscape photography on a big scale. Not many people are lucky enough to start off traveling the world.
But you can find beautiful landscapes right where you live. Thatís the great thing about nature, itís everywhere, and landscapes are everywhere. It can be simple and everyday or it can be vast and amazing. Itís all about the great pictures you take.
Black-and-white photos are as something that has some special in it because it totally focus on object rather than colors, for in addition to black and white, most of these media included varying shades of gray. Further, many prints, especially those produced earlier in the development of photography, more subtle shading then reproductions in plain black-and-white, although less so than color. Black and white photographic film is essentially composed of a layer of photographic emulsion on a thin plastic base, along with other layers that provide structure and protection
For most of the history of photography, black and white photography was a photographerís only choice for taking pictures. Even when color became available, black and white photos were initially of better quality and less expensive to develop than their color counterparts.
However, at present, black and white photos are enjoying a revival. Photographers are rediscovering the power and timeless nature that black and white film can lend to photos
Still Black and White Photos have its important:
Black and white photos can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary photographs. A run-of-the-mill color photo may look entirely different when seen in black and white. For this reason, both wedding and gothic photography have embraced the timeless quality of black and white photos.
Black and White Photography Tips
Without the distraction of color, other elements of photography stand out in black and white photos. Consequently, the photographer must pay extra attention to lighting, textures and the basic photography composition within his viewfinderís frame.

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