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The great thing about digital cameras is that they have made photography so much quicker, easier and cheaper. Now days everyone has got the tools to take amazing photos, so all it takes is a little knowledge and a bit of practice and you can be taking shots like a pro. Dreamlife wants to help you, so we compiled this guide for the Dreamlife blog.

First things first, we at Dreamlife photos & video are going to talk about composition. Composition refers to how the elements in the photo are combined and is key to taking good pictures. There are some quick compositional guidelines that help beginners, such as the one third two thirds rule, whereby you split the major horizon or element in your picture into one third and two thirds. For example, if you were taking a picture of the ocean, you might have the ocean take up two thirds of the picture and the sky taking up the remaining one third, or vice versa. When you are taking photos of people it helps to work out whether you want a close up or full body, then work the composition from there. Composition is something that you get better at with practice so just keeping experimenting, often you can get interesting shots by playing around with composition. For example, negative space, when you leave the majority of a photo with say mostly sky and just a thin line of land, is very effective and dramatic, as is taking photos from extreme angles.

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Next up is light, which is critical to understand when taking photos. Light can be both a friend and an enemy for the photographer depending on how much you know. The first vital rule is to not take a photo facing toward the sun as this will leave everything up close as a silhouette, unless of course this is what you are going for. Also, remember that the camera will pick up light in a different way to the eye, so donít just assume that your photo will look the same as how you see it directly. Most digital cameras allow you to adjust for different light conditions, so have a play around and find a setting that suits the conditions.

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