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R4 nintendoDS is one of the UK's biggest providers of R4 DS cartridges. Now R4 is the top of the SLOT-1 flash cards for Nintendo DS. This amazing little device from the famous producer R4 Team, is the same size as an original DS card (SLOT-1), making it a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software. It's truly the easiest and most powerful gaming accessory used nowadays.
For any user it is very necessary to keep updating the R4 Firmware for proper and efficient usage of their R4 DScard. Quality is another very important parameter to be kept under consideration while buying a firmware. The quality and price of a firmware is further decided by the interest aroused by the firmware among the buyers. With many companies releasing these firmwares the completion is always very tough.
It is easiest media enhancer and is also worth buying. Now no more worries about slow downloading of your favorite games as this device makes it way easy for you to load games much faster. It has got a micro sd card which will store the games and later you can load it from the ds R4

and play your games. It also supports ROM's and helps in loading home brew applications.
These R4 cards are supposed to have friendly interface, easily usability and the R4 Firmwares simply enhance this capability. With the added updates not only does it improves the quality but also makes the system faster. Some of the famous companies are SDHC, M3i, DSTT etc.
Stella DS is a complete emulator. By this I mean that once you load it on your R4 Card you'll be greeted by the familiar blips and bleeps of your favorite Atari 2600 games. The games run just as quickly and as well as they did right on the Atari 2600 itself. The novelty is that I can carry around my collection on my NDS and get in a game of Pitfall no matter where I am.
Its homebrew software like emulation that really makes the Nintendo DS stands out for die hard gamers. While it's great to have unique and touch friendly games, having the option to play some of our favorite classics right on the NDS is what makes the Nintendo DS (and not the DSi) stand out from the crowd.

While you're waiting, grab your Nintendo DS and get an R4 Card. You won't regret it once you get your hands on your favorite classic games.

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