Know How to Use a Broiler for Easy Cooking

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If you would buy a new stove, make sure that it includes broiler pans as well. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of what these broiling pans can do. Some do not know how to use a broiler while others are just afraid that their dish might end up in a disaster.
When you want to prepare something that would use broiling pan in your stove your must prepare a couple of things such as your broiler pan, the food, an oil spray, and even water.
First, you must understand how the whole broiling process works. The heat that will cook the food will come from the top. It is just like grilling but the source is above the food being cooked. The lower part of the range oven is just used for storing the items in the oven including the broiler pan.
If you have already prepared the food and the other materials needed for broiling, then you can start. Take off the broiler pan from your stove range drawer. Separate the ridged tray from the solid pan. Make sure that the tray would be placed at the top of your solid pan.
When broiling foods, you will put everything that needs to be cooked at the ridged tray. The solid pan on the other hand will get catch all the juice or the fats that would come out of the food as it is being cooked. Some think that the fats are no longer useful. But some still use the juice and the fats to create sauce or gravy for the broiled food.
Before cooking, make sure that you spray oil on the ridged tray to prevent the meat from sticking. Put at least a cup of water on the solid pan as well if you think that the fats and juices are no longer needed. This would prevent your pan from getting burned. Rather than sticking to the pan, the fats will go to the water instead.
At the same time, you must also preheat your broiler oven as well for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Thin slices of eat or vegetables should be broiled in high heat. It should not also be left for long so that it will still have enough juice when you eat it. On the other hand, the thick foods should be broiled in high heat at first. After a couple of minutes or if you think that the food is about to be cooked, you can reduce the temperature and broil it on a low fire.

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