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Electronic books have increased in recognition over the recent years. With this growing popularity, wireless reading devices such as the kindle reader and other e-Media readers in the market have gained quite a following as well, especially among the enthusiastic readers. The concept of electronic books as well as the inception of the wireless reading device has garnered mixed criticisms from book lovers and consumers alike. This article will dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of eBooks and the electronic media readers that typically go with it.

Before we start with the pros and cons, you must keep in mind that what others see as an advantage may not necessarily be the same way with you, just as the disadvantages that others may see in eBooks and eBook readers may be advantageous to you. So just keep an open mind and try to weigh things out for yourself.

The first thing we need to look at is the reading experience. Even though an electronic book reader can display clear texts and sharp images, some people still prefer the old fashioned paperback book. Letís face it, some people are harder to impress with new concepts and gadgets than others. But some avid readers really do feel uncomfortable reading from an electronic screen; some of them even get headaches when reading texts from their iPhones, how much more on an eBook reading device.

The subject matter is another aspect that one must consider. Unlike conventional books, eBooks deal with a variety of specialized topics, aside from your typical bestselling thriller, romance or tragedy. Individuals who love diversity in their reading will certainly appreciate what eBooks can bring to the table. Wireless reading devices such as the Kindle reader also allow the user to sample certain books and provide access to single articles for them to enjoy.

All book lovers know that books can take up so much space. People who started reading books since they were young will have stocked up a warehouse-full of books by the time they reach retiring age. With eBooks, however, all you need is a working memory card. You can literally carry your entire library with you anywhere you go. The downside though is that when the memory card gets damaged or corrupted, you can kiss your entire collection goodbye.

Finally, there is the electronic book reader that you use together with your eBook collection. These devices can be quite expensive, although the eBooks can cost less than ten dollars, even some of the New York Times bestsellers. These eBook readers typically use proprietary formats as well, which basically means that transferring an eBook from one wireless reading device to another is quite tricky, to say the least. So whether you are for conventional books or electronic books, one thing is for certain; a good book is measured by its content, not by its cover - or in this case, its form.

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