Kidís Telescopes: Help Your Child to Develop an Interest in Astronomy

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One of the best ways of giving a boost to your childís interest in astronomy is to get a kidís telescope for him/her. If you see your child interested in observing the sky you could think of a reflector or refractor telescope as a gift.

A telescope is an instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation such as visible light for aiding observation of remote objects. The earliest telescopes were refractive telescopes and the first practical telescope appeared in Netherlands in 1608. It was Galileo, an Italian astronomer and mathematician, who improved the original design in the next year and used it to have a peek into and observe the Universe. It is also possible to use two or more telescopes together to get a better image of remote objects. There has been no looking back since then and telescopes that use various technologies for a better and sharper of view of the skies.

Before the telescope was invented people had all sorts of funny ideas about our Universe. They thought that the Earth was placed inside a glass ball and the stars were just holes or windows that allowed light from the heavens to pass. All that changed when Galileo had the first look at the stars through a homemade telescope. What he saw changed our perception of the Universe and all thanks to a small homemade telescope.

Galileo was able to establish that all stars were not at the same distance to us; some were near while others far from the Earth. He also discovered that unlike the earth, the Jupiter had many moons. Galileoís discoveries opened the doors for people interested in knowing more about the stars around us and since then we have built telescopes that are not only bigger but also better. Some of the best known manufacturers are Meade and Celestron that make different types of telescopes including kidís telescopes.

A telescope inspires children and helps them reach their true potential in a much better way than leisure time articles. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. That is exactly why educational programs on TV are considered to be a better way of helping a child to learn new things. Even better is to give your child a firsthand introduction of the craters of the moon or let him/her have a glimpse of the galaxy Andromeda and see the difference it makes. Astronomy for kids can be fun, rewarding and educational.

There are innumerable models and designs and lots of things to consider before you buy a telescope for your kid. The right thing would be to read some telescope reviews before you decide. Cost may a deciding factor because technology does not come cheap. What you could do is to start with Meade Telescopes and Celestron Telescopes for beginners that can be had for less than $300. Once you see your childís interest develop you can then move on to more sophisticated and advanced models.

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