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Leisure Inc. is the sole supplier for Dancemats, Sportwall and Expresso Bikes for Bahrain. Children’s (Childrens Bahrain)health in the Middle East is a major concern. Activity and fun is the key to keeping our children healthy. Kids do not want fitness they want fun so we have brought new technology to the Middle East to keep them engaged and lure them away from the computer and couch.

Dancemats is the most advanced multi-player dance system available. Teamed with ‘Pump It Up’ software, the new wireless arcade-style dance platform can run up to 32 platforms at any one time.
Dancemats, Kids Fitness allow the Childrens in Bahrain to enhance their concentration, hand and eye co-ordination as well as their fitness.
Dancemats help create an exciting and stimulating environment to ensure young people have the opportunity to engage in a positive physical activity.
Interactive Dancemats allow the user to enhance their concentration, hand and eye co-ordination as well as their fitness.
Interactive Dancemats are fun, easy to use and totally engaging. Users hit the pad with either their feet or hands while following the sequence of arrows displayed on the screen. Users also use the beat of the music to help with their rhythm.


Sportwall - The 8ft x 4ft Sportwall panel combines the fun of a computer game with a powerful cardio-vascular workout, which quickly develops:

Excellent ball tracking skills
Quick hands
Fast feet
Superior hand to eye co-ordination

Sportwall was the first interactive product to hit the Bahrain fitness market, offering hundreds of game combinations based on points / lives won and lost. Players score against the clock by zapping lights on the panels, simultaneously tracking all events on the panels . It has been successfully implemented in Bahrain School of Bahrain.

Expresso youth - Indoor bike interactive System in Bahrain

Expresso Youth Bikes

Quality and ingenuity are built into every Expresso Bike. They are fully integrated commercial-grade and built for years of continuous use.

Expresso Youth Bikes are designed for safety, comfort and the enjoyment of childrens Fitness 8-15 years old (and even Kids). They are a full cardio experience that is fun and engaging and has kids coming back for more.

The large 19” LCD display is positioned for optimal viewing by students and protected by a rugged splash-guard. Heavy duty handle bars are positioned for comfort and the steering has a realistic feel for easy quick response for fitness kids in Bahrain.

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Leisure Inc specializes in the development of health and recreation facilities. Leisure Inc imports and distributes sports equipment, leisure brands and wellness products. Leisure Inc provides leisure consulting services and assists clients in the planning, design and management of leisure projects in the Middle East.

Leisure Inc has, in its short history, already established itself as one of the leading investment and development companies in the region through its innovative designs and concepts. As a developer, we are introducing a new indoor/outdoor leisure and recreation concept that brings together sports enthusiasts, families and children.




Leisure Inc has a total solution to the strategic planning, concept creation, design, construction and development for all types of leisure projects including; stadiums, health clubs, spas, indoor air-dome structures, synthetic grass pitches, swimming pools and tennis centers. We are investing in projects and seeking join-venture partners in the region to create and deliver the most trends setting sport facilities available today in the market today.

Leisure Inc is the distributor of a number of the leading, internationally recognised leisure, sports and wellness brands in the world. With exclusivity for Bahrain, we deliver to our retail partners, developers, hotels and resorts and Owners, fitness equipment, children's interactive fitness systems and 3D Golf Simulators.

Leisure Inc offers a number of specialized consulting services related to the sports, leisure and wellness industry. Our team of executives have many years experience in the fields of feasibility and needs analysis assessments, design and management.

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