Kids Cell Phone Guides - Brief Introduction to Parental Controls by Famous Cell Phone Carriers

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Cell phones now become common gadgets for our kids now. Once a kid goes to school, his/her parents might buy cell phone for the sake of communication and emergency. However, there are so many unwanted content on the phone that makes kids feel powerless to resist. How parents control the cell phone use of their kids? Well, major cell phone carriers offer such kind of services to give ease for parents.

Smart Limits and MEdia Net parental controls are representatives offered by AT&T.
1. Smart Limit
* Constrain the time of kids' day calls.
*Limit downloads and text messaging.
*Allow or ban specific numbers.
* Set money limit on purchase download like games and ringtones.
2. MEdia Net
Activate a content filter, especially mature content when kids browse internet.

1. Web Guard
* Just like AT & T, it allows parents to take a lot of measures to limit their kids' access to websites with mature contents.
* Restrict kids to fall into inappropriate category like gambling and alcohol.
2. Family allowance
* Set limitation on calls, messages and downloads.
* Allow or block specific numbers.
* Set times for calling and texting.

Sprint's parental controls are various. Parents could choose to:
* Allow or block certain numbers.
* Control purchase via cell phone.
* Disable internet access (accepted by many phones) or filter content.
* Turn off camera (limit to some models).
* Many more…

* Filter content.
* Set time limit on day calls.
* Allow or block specific phone numbers.
* Disable internet access

All the services provided by these cell phone carriers are either free or charged (only a little amount of money.) Kids have less self control ability than adults. Parents need to take measure to keep them from over addiction to cell phones, over purchase or unhealthy contents. Choosing a suitable plan for your use does no harm to your kids as well as yourself.

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