Kids Admission Is Not Kidís Play

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Education is today a pricey affair. Mrs. Jahnavi, Mr. Behl and numerous other parents across the country are busy studying for the interview and getting their money in order. None of them are writing an entrance test and neither is the money for forms. Theyíre all studying to clear the nursery school interview for parents. Surprising, but the parents seem to be at it with more enthusiasm than they even studied for their Boards. Mr. Behl said Ē I didnít work half as much as now, even while writing the Boards. If I had studied so hard, I would have definitely got a distinctionĒ. Mr. Behl canít believe heís studying so much for his kid. Mrs. Jahnavi on the other hand has been attending spoken English classes over the past three months because of the shift in testing parameters from the kids to the parents.

Schools have now begun to grill parents on details pertaining to their education, profession and income to decide if child's background is suitable enough for the school Right from testing their skills in math to proving their proficiency in English, the nursery interviews have now become a terror to parents. This is because the poor children are being rejected from admission because the parents are either not professionals, or are not post-graduate degree holders and neither work in reputed MNCs. The interviews are a real worry for parents who are not-so-educated.

Usually during pre-primary admission schools are supposed to ask for the childís birth certificate and proof of residence as part of the admission formalities, but a number of schools have been found to harass parents for their PAN cards or police clearances and in extreme cases, even character certificates at times. The question is, what does the character of a parent have to do for a child who hasnít even reached an age where the child canít even talk properly? Shouldnít the DOE know that it is not for them to judge whether a parent can or cannot afford the load of schooling. Itís not a loan company to think like that.

No child can be denied admission on financial grounds and worse still, itís ridiculous to reject a child because the parents are criminals or illiterate as long as the child clears the test cum interview. The kind of questions that schools ought to be asking are: genuine questions like the amount attention a parent can give to the child, the approach towards disciplining the child, and off course the relationship the parents hold with the child.

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