Kids Admission A Good Or A Bad Decision

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Mrs. Guleria, a middle class housewife was happy. Her son had got a seat in a school near to their home, an institute run by the local people. It was in line with her father-in-laws wishes who wanted his grandson to be in a school that stressed on local educations from start. Off course, personally thatís not what Mrs. Guleria and her husband wanted, but since Anmol was the first grandson in the family, both parents had to fall in line with the requirements of the seniors in the family.

Another reason was that Mrs. Guleria was part of a joint family system and in such a scenario found it dutiful to respect her father-in-lawís wishes. Junior Mr. Guleria and Mrs. Guleria knew the school was not at par with International schools in terms of infrastructure or curriculum but still decided they would still give their child the most modern education.

The school they heard was well known for its sports but unlike some of the sophisticated international schools didnít have a swimming pool, a curriculum at par with schools abroad and is limited to catering to the Indian students with the facilities most schools had to offer. It was difficult to tell whether the decision Mr. and Mrs. Guleria had made was good or bad. The Guleriaís decided to leave out the good or bad aspect out of it and give the child as much as they could at home and by sending him to private institutes so that he wouldnít feel left out when other children his age said they had taken up horse riding or swimming.

Mr. Guleria also transformed the drawing room of a house into a smart class and bought a few educational CDs. He also bought a linguaphone to train Anmol in basic French so that his options for global opportunities were doubled. Surprisingly, children in the neighbourhood who got all the facilities in their schools had taken it for granted. Not many used up the resources the school provided while Anmolís parents were trying hard their son didnít take things for granted. Yes, the Gulerias had made a human decision when they sacrificed their taste of schools for their child but also made up for it and are happy with Anmolís performance.

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