Kid Grooming is Key to Kid Health

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Learning good grooming habits is an important part of growing up. Children should be taught from a very young age how to clean themselves properly and regularly. Kid grooming is a little different than grownup grooming, though. For one thing, kids tend to get into messes that most adults never go near. Mud puddles, tall grass, and sticky sweets are kid magnets and can leave kids dirty from head to toe. Proper hygiene can protect kids from many illnesses that are passed along through contact with bacteria during the day.

Many children can be resistant to washing, but it is the best way to make sure they stay healthy. A regular bath or shower with soap and water is the best way to avoid illnesses and infections that can come from just regular daily life. Be sure to concentrate on cleaning a child's armpits, neck, behind the ears, and other bodily crevices because these warm, close areas have a tendency to collect bacteria. Kids should bathe daily with soap and a washcloth. There are many soaps available that are made specifically for children because their young skin can be sensitive to harsher soaps.

Parents can make kid grooming a fun daily activity. You can use fun washcloths with animal prints, or let the kids wear washcloth mittens to learn how to wash themselves. There are soaps that are shaped like ABC's or 123's that kids love to play with in the bathtub. There are also soaps that can write on tub walls and wash off easily. If kids believe getting clean is fun they will be more likely to continue good hygiene habits as they get older.

Routine is an important aspect of kid grooming. Give the kids a bath at the same time every day so that they begin to expect it. Kids thrive on routine and continuity, and you will find there are far fewer battles about taking a bath if it happens every day in the same way at the same time. About an hour after dinner is a great time for younger children to begin their bath.

Good hygiene doesn't have to be a daunting task, and it is very important. Give your kids their own combs and let them style their own hair in the mirror after their bath or shower. Fun towels with hoods can even make drying off after the bath an enjoyable game.

Don't forget the teeth! Kid grooming includes brushing and flossing every morning and night. As with any other part of hygiene the kids need to learn how to do it themselves as a part of their regular routine. Toothbrushes with cartoon characters or funny shaped handles are wonderful for younger kids. There are toothpastes that taste like bubble gum and candy that kids tend to enjoy more than the minty pastes that adults use. Make sure the toothpaste you use has fluoride so that it will protect your children's teeth as well as clean them. With a little imagination and a good steady routine kid grooming can lead to a lifetime of healthy habits for your child.


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