Keratin Treatment For Unmanageable Hair

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Keratin treatment method is also known as "Brazilian hair straightening (BKT)","Keratin cure", etc.
this method originated in Brazil.

In the Keratin treatment method, the hair is temporarily straightened. This is done by a liquid called "keratin" which seals the hair along with a preservation solution and a flat iron.
Our nails and hair are also made up of keratin. Itís basically a protein. In this treatment, the hair is replenished by adding more keratin. BKT generally works better on hair which has been heated, or subjected to chemicals earlier. This is because, due to these chemicals and excessive heat, the natural keratin in the hair is depleted and hence, on adding more keratin, the hair gets replenished and also gets a glow.

Hair which is shiny or frizzy can be made much easier to straighten because of this. The applied keratin also protects the hair, to some extent from the sun and extreme temperature, dryness, etc.
BKT is carried out in the following way. The hair is shampooed without conditioner. No conditioner is used since the product contains keratin. After this, the hair is divided into four parts. The solution is applied at the scalp and it is spread throughout the hair, to each part. After one section is done, the others are done one by one as well. Following this, the hair is blow dried. Then, each section of the hair is ironed using a flat iron. This procedure must be done at a salon. It lasts for about two hours. After itís applied, the hair cannot be washed very often. If you use normal shampoo, the treatment will last only half as long as itís supposed to. The hair should only be washed a few times a week with a sulphur-free shampoo. In three months time, the hair will start getting wavy again. In four to five months, the hair will return to its normal state.

The BKT is cheaper than any other hair straightener treatment and the more damaged your hair is, the longer the treatment will last.

The health hazard is with the agent which is used for straightening, that is formaldehyde, which is commonly used for preserving bodies and cigarettes. This may be dangerous to the respiratory tract.
Overall, hair straightener treatment is very useful for those who are born with unruly, frizzy hair which is extremely hard to manage.

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