Keeping Up with Adeo Music Lessons

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Adeo School makes it easy to learn an instrument by making lessons available at home or in the studio. This ensures that you have the flexibility to learn in the environment of your choice and at your own pace. You can make this arrangement work better by making sure you keep in touch with your instructors.


Adeo School lessons are purchased four in advance. There's really no point in purchasing one music lesson, so this arrangement works well. It also means that you don't lose out if you have to miss a lesson. If you make sure to tell your instructor 24 hours in advance of the lesson that you're going to miss, you won't be charged for it. This allows the instructor time to change their schedule around and allows you to keep the lesson, simply forwarding it to another, more convenient, time.

Instructors will always let you know 24 hours in advance if they cannot make a lesson. This allows you time to change your schedule around, as well, and insures that you don't get billed for lessons that weren't given. You'll also be able to get credit for any lessons your instructor misses, and Adeo will make sure to take care of any problems you have with your instructor's attendance.


Remember that 90% of a music lesson is actually taken between the time when one lesson ends and the other begins. An instructor helps you to learn property technique, tone and theory, but they cannot practice for you. Consider your lessons to be assignments. You'll want to practice what you've learned in between lessons so that you're possessed of a good grasp of the material when your instructor meets you again. This also allows the instructor to keep moving forward, which makes your lessons more productive.

You can try to match up your practice session with your lesson length. For example, if you're taking 30-minute lessons, try to practice 30 minutes per day. Remember that practice doesn’t always have to be a very serious activity. Its fine to have some fun with it and don't get frustrated if you don't feel like you're advancing quickly enough. Your instructor is there to help make sure that you do advance and, when you meet with them on the next occasion, they can help you more if you have more questions to ask them.


When you get frustrated, remember to check your student desk. This will have your latest lesson on it, as well as lessons from the past. Sometimes, going back and reviewing past lessons can help clarify questions as you come to them. Especially if you're taking 60-minute lessons, it can be productive to spend a lot of time in review. There is so much information packed into a 60-minute lesson that it makes sense to take a second look at them before deciding you've completed the material and moving on. In fact, you'll oftentimes get more out of the 2nd or 3rd review than out of the first lesson.

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