Keeping Kids Safe While Out and About

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Your child will probably have just started school, and hopefully settled into their new surroundings. All types of safety and precautions will be discussed and taught to your child, certainly while in their younger years of school, and plenty of re-enforcing such as road safety not talking to any strangers. They will also be feeling quite confident and feeling more grown up and wanting to explore more.

Falls, cuts and bruises are high on the accidental list for children around the age of five and as children grow older their adventures seem to grow bigger too as they widen their surrounding environment to encapsulate a better exploration and adventure – this can be on the playground at school or in the home too.

With children’s physical growth and capability comes more discovery and creation. As parents and guardians we know and understand the proper way to use playground equipment, buts sometimes little people have big imaginations and they will find new innovative ways to use and play on their playground equipment, which is unfortunately not always the safe way. There are a couple of very simple things to bear in mind if at a playground. Try and ensure that the designated play areas have shock absorbing safety cushioning in order to avoid injury when children fall, slide, stumble and collide in schools, public places and at home, rather than concrete or tarmac.

By using a ground and wall cushioning, which is suitable for use in not only schools and playgrounds but also sports areas – especially for older children where roughness in play in another issue to consider when looking at older children’s injuries. The great thing about ground and wall cushioning, which in most instances can be used indoors as well as outdoors, is that whilst safety is foremost, it also enables creative and decorative installation.

One further point to remember when your child is playing outside, is to be mindful about games involving digging in sand or soil – the little dig outs that children create, although important for textual education, can collapse, sadly causing suffocation.

Taking safety seriously means you can have serious fun.

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