Keep Your Hair from Hair Los

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Hair loss is a common disorder many men and women experience as they grow older. Hair loss or baldness is in fact a condition in which hair does not grow on the scalp after hair fall. The most very common form of baldness is the development of a hair thinning condition called androgenic alopecia or male baldness which basically occurs in adult males.

Hair loss occurs for a great many reasons. Some causes, such as hormonal changes, are considered natural, while others signal serious health problems. But, the most common causes of hair loss are:

1. Stress - Hair production is seen by your body as a non-essential function, so is one of the first areas to be affected in times of illness or stress. Divorce or other life-changing events can also produce loss.

2. Food nutrition - Leaving heredity to one side, hair can be lost if you don't have enough protein or iron in your diet, or if you suffer too much stress. This can occur if you go through a crash or fad diet.

3. Hormone imbalance - Some women find some brands of oral contraceptive cause hair loss as can the physical stress and hormonal changes during pregnancy and birth. Similarly, hormone replacement therapy can cause hair loss. More generally, you can lose hair because of fungal infections of the scalp or thyroid problems, diabetes or lupus. Ask your local healthcare provider if you are taking medications. Some cause hair loss as a side effect.

4. Poor hair care - Sharp-pronged brushes and hair-dryers can do damage; wide-toothed combs are the best type. Twisting or pulling on the hair will damage it, as will a tight ponytail or hat.

5. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, major surgery, bodily trauma, and poisoning can all cause hair loss.

However, if you're determined to keep your hair, there's quite a lot you can do. Maintain a healthy diet, investigate scalp cleansing, and start looking into the various hair treatments to find the right one for you.

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