Keep Your Child Safe this winter

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As the days are drawing in and the weather getting colder, accidents among children become more common, as they begin to make your house their playground once again. With the leaves dropping off of the trees and increasing amounts of rain, slipping and tripping outside is also leading to a host of new season accidents.

Modern parents are taking a number of measures in order to minimise the risk of trips and falls and ensure that their children remain as safe as possible at this time of year. The first step to an accident free winter is to ensure that you make your house a safe home, especially for young children and those that are becoming more mobile. Child proofing doesnít need to mean wrapping your children up in bubble wrap and not letting them enjoy their youth. Simple things like ensuring guests remove their shoes when entering the house could mean the difference between finding your baby nibbling on dirty autumn leaves, choking on a twig or playing happily and safely in their home.

As the temperature begins to drop, the temptation to turn on indoor fires grows so it is important to remember that children and fire can be a lethal combination. In the past parents have been reluctant to purchase a fire guard as they have never been that astatically pleasing, however what some parents do not know is the majority of fire guards easily fold flat for storage when the fire is not switched on. If you have an indoor fire and do not have a fire guard, you are on a fast track to A&E at some point this winter.

In addition to indoor fires, radiators pose a potential burning hazard for children, if not covered by furniture or a radiator guard. You can avoid burning accident on exposed radiators by using one of many child proofing products on the market, such as radiator guard.

Child proofing neednít cost the earth in this day and age, with child proofing essentials such as a safety gate or fire guard costing less than ever before. Safetots stock the widest range of products onlinve everything that you need to keep your child safe this winter. Take a look at the full range of child proofing products or contact a child proofing expert for more information.

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