Keep Seasonal Clothes Fresh with These Closet Organizers

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Like most people, when it comes to clothes, you have a separate set of garments for each season. With the change of each season means the changes of each set of clothing hanging in your closet and folded in your drawers.

Also, unless you plan to buy a whole new wardrobe to welcome in the change in weather, you are going to need to keep your seasonal attire intact. This could mean putting clothes under the bed in an air tight box, or hanging them in the closet in a vacuum-sealed bag. However you decide to organize them, it is important that you keep your clothes fresh, so when you are ready to pull them out to wear for the next season, you do not have to worry about rewashing them or, worse, tossing them away because of any mold or foul scents.

Check out the list below for the best types of closet organizers that will help keep your seasonal clothing clean, bright and ready to wear.

Two Large Vac-U-Seal Bags

Maintain your wardrobe's freshness by investing in the Two Large Vac-U-Seal Bags. These space efficient Space Bag® vacuum seal storage bags will shrink bulky clothes, like winter coats, to one-third their size. The airtight, watertight, reusable and stackable bags can fit easily on any closet shelf; the air can be taken out by using a vacuum. Vac-U-Seal Bags have zipper shut sleeves as well as an unparalleled one-way valve that stops decompression, these large clear polyethylene and nylon packs are resist mildew, bugs, dust and odors.

Vinyl Coverettes

Semi-transparent vinyl with a front opening for quick item retrieval, the large Vinyl Coverettes slips effortlessly over your closet rod, protecting your seasonal wardrobes from dust and mildew. These useful and neat covers are available in 48-inch, 36-inch and 24-inch.

Clear Shoe Boot Boxes

Not only do you have to take care of your seasonal garments, you also have to take of your seasonal shoes. The best way to do so is with the Clear Shoe Boot Boxes. Available in a women's set of four or a men's set of three, these components help keep your footwear clutter-free and organized and free from dust, dirt and other closet messes.

Hanging Space Bag System

The best part of the Hanging Space Bag System is that it organizes your closet and maximizes closet space up to three time's normal capacity. Made of polyethlene and nylon, this hanging closet system includes three medium space bags and two large space bags, which you suction out the air with a vacuum. This will cause the bags to become air- and watertight, preventing your clothes from becoming sullied. Other items can be stored in the extra three pockets.

HangMax Compression Bag

HangMax® Hanging Compression Bags allow you to vacuum out air and swiftly compress the bags to provide extra room in your overflowing closet. These reinforced clear nylon bags are reusable and have a feature called an E-Z slide side zipper as well as very handy double swivel hooks. These hooks can hold up to 10 hangers. But what's wonderful about this product is that not only can it maximize storage by holding up to 10 pieces in one third of the room available, but it protects your outfits from bugs, humidity, and dust with its guaranteed airtight seal.

Jumbo Hanging Wardrobe

Made with beige linen and featuring clear windows, the Jumbo Hanging Wardrobe shelters and systematizes your apparel inside your closet. The 24-in x 20-in x 54-in unit hangs from any closet rod. There is a zippered closure that helps keep smells and dust from ruining outfits while they are stored away for the season.

Underbed Shoe Organizer

The Underbed Shoe Organizer is great for storing away flats, dress or heels out of the way when not in use for the season. It is a sturdy and compact organizer capitalizes on room space and keeps footwear free of dust, bugs and moisture. The 30-in x 24-in x 6-in unit is made of white vinyl with a black trim and features a transparent zippered cover with a rigid bottom and side handles.

FRESHhanger Odor Absorbing Hanger Covers

When you buy the FRESHhanger® Odor Absorbing Hanger Covers, you can stop worrying about your seasonal attire gathering smells while stored away. These fragrant-free, activated carbon sheets come in a set of five and absorb unnecessary scents and humidity from seeping into clothing. These extremely handy hanger covers also reduce odor by up to 88% in just four short hours! These covers can fit on most hangers and are known to be six times more effective in removing smells than airing out outfits.

When it comes to keeping your clothing fresh for each season, remember to purchase organizers that are either airtight or remove odors. It is your best bet in avoiding dust, mildew and smells from building up.

Annamarya Scaccia is a freelance writer who writes about closet organizers .

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